Jelly Roll Achieves Dream With Second #1 Single

Jelly Roll-YouTube
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Jelly Roll has achieved a dream he never could have imagined with his second number-one single. The country superstar is making a huge name for himself. Therefore, with a smash hit tour and a mass amount of fans, this should truly be no surprise. So, what song made this dream a reality? Read on for more details.

Jelly Roll Achieves Dream With Second #1 Single

It has really been a long time coming but Jelly Roll’s career is more than taking flight. He is touring all over and fans are clamoring to be a part of the excitement. So many good things are happening in JR’s life including an upcoming vow renewal with his wife of nearly seven years, Bunnie. The two of them have such a magical marriage that never needs explaining, it just works. Additionally, he has two children, Bailee and Noah who they both adore and have so much fun with. Now, the family has a huge milestone to celebrate as JR just achieved something he could have only dreamed of.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

According to Everything Nash, his song, “Need A Favor” became Jelly Roll’s second number-one single. This was something he had never even fathomed when he put it out. Speaking to Billboard, he had this to say: “A second No. 1 at country radio is something I wouldn’t have even allowed myself to dream about. ‘Need A Favor’ has absolutely changed my life. It’s been incredible to watch the fan reaction and see what’s happening out there on the road.”

Jelly Roll went on to thank everyone who had faith in the single from the get-go as well as country radio for playing music like his. He deemed it “therapeutic” music and noted that it is not lost on him how vital music is for so many people everywhere. The sing was actually based on his relationship with Christianity and how complicated it was. Thankfully, he was able to express it through music and it seems that many related to his message, making it top the charts.

You Can Catch The Hits Live

Jelly Roll loves sharing his music with his fans and luckily, his tour is not over yet. He will be touring through the middle of October with his last stop being in Tampa, Florida. Then, at the beginning of 2024, he will head to Mexico for Crash My Playa 2024 so that should be an epic experience. As of now, he is just savoring each stop and all of the people he gets to meet. At the same time, he and Bunnie take time to give back whenever they can to make it even more special.

Are you excited for Jelly Roll and his latest achievement? Let us know in the comments below.

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