Zach Bryan Reveals Why He Was Arrested In New Video

Zach Bryan
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Country music artist Zach Bryan was arrested on Thursday in Vinita, Oklahoma. He was booked on a charge of obstruction of investigation. Now, Zach is going to his Twitter to share with his fans exactly what went down.

Zach Bryan’s Arrest

On Thursday, Zach Bryan was arrested on a charge of obstruction of investigation. After this happened, he bonded out and went to Twitter to issue an apology to fans, but didn’t give any details at first. A TikTok then came out saying that Zach’s bodyguard was pulled over and he stopped but refused to leave. This came from a girl whose husband impounded Zach’s vehicle after he was arrested.

Zach Bryan Mug Shot

Zach Issues Statement, Apology

Zach Bryan went to his Twitter early on Friday morning to issue an apology along with a five-minute video that explained exactly what happened. Bryan said that it all started out a few days ago when he was pulled over for going about five miles over the speed limit. They asked for his license, registration and address. Zach explained that he didn’t feel comfortable giving them his address because of being a musician. He ended up getting handcuffed and he finally gave his address to the police officer. He got a warning and was able to be let go this time.

Zach says that he was “an idiot today” and “should have been smarter about it.” He went on to say that he decided to drive to Boston to see the birds play. Zach had told his security guard that he was going and he was following him. He saw him getting pulled over in Vinita, Oklahoma. Zach then pulled up by his bodyguard who got stopped. After about 10-15 minutes, he got out of his vehicle to smoke a cigarette and the police officer told him to get back in his truck. He admitted that he got “lippy” with him and was “immature.”

Zach Bryan says that he was being disrespectful and shouldn’t have been. He ended up in handcuffs and was taken to jail. The officer told him not to interrupt him, but then he did and ended up being taken to jail. He was in jail for a few hours before he bonded out. Zach says he ended up shaking hands with the police officer by the end of the night. He wanted to tell his side of the story.

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