Shocking Reason Dolly Parton Wears Long Sleeves Or Gloves

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Dolly Parton has worn many hats in her decades-long career in country music, in television and in the movies. In addition to her many accomplishments in the entertainment industry, she is also known as a fashion icon. One of the many reasons she is a fashion icon is the fact she has always worn gloves or long sleeves since 2010. The reason for her choice to do so has finally been revealed by the country music megastar.

Why The Gloves And Long Sleeves?

Since Dolly Parton started always wearing gloves or long sleeves, the “I Will Always Love You” singer has said wearing them was a fashion statement. She finally came clean as to why she wears gloves or long sleeves. The reason for this fashion choice is not what most expected.

Parton has admitted she wears gloves or long sleeves to hide the tattoos she has on that area of her body. She said she has tattoos of butterflies and flowers there and does not want them to be seen. She has even worn flesh-colored fingerless gloves to hide them.


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Why Does Dolly Parton Have Tattoos?

Dolly Parton has confessed she has tattoos to cover the scars. She said she has a “purple tinge” around her scars and the tattoos help to hide both the unusual color and the scars. The scars are due to surgeries she has had in the past.

The specific reason Dolly Parton had to have the surgeries was not revealed. There are lots of reasons for people to have surgery in that area of their bodies. It is believed the surgeries were for medical reasons and not for cosmetic reasons.

What Kind of Tattoos Does Dolly Have?

Miley Cyrus’ godmother was not shy about revealing what kind of tattoos she has. She said all her tattoos were “pastel.” Dolly Parton wanted to “decorate” the scars with flowers and butterflies. She was adamant about it not being “some big, bold statement.”

Dolly Parton did not reveal the number of tattoos of flowers and butterflies she currently has. Seeing she has been wearing gloves or long sleeves to cover the tattoos, it may be safe to say she has several tattoos. Fans of the “Jolene” singer would probably love to know how many she has and see exactly how she has decorated her scars.

Dolly Parton has tattoos! Who is surprised by this news? Do you believe her when she says it is to cover up scars and not as a statement of some sort? How many tattoos does she actually have? Are you curious to see exactly what kind of flower and butterfly tattoos she has? Tell us what you think and sound off in the comment section below.

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