Just 15 Seconds With Dolly Parton Leaves Lainey Wilson With A Lifetime Connection

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Without a doubt, to her ever-devoted multitudes of faithful fans, Dolly Parton is more than a country music marvel. For most of her faithful, the kinship they share with the unparalleled performer, songwriter, author, and global ambassador of giving is like that between dear friends.

Even with hometowns far distant from the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, fans of the artist who implores listeners to Try and Shine to meet a new day feel the comfort of a universal mother, beloved big sister, or as Miley Cyrus lovingly dubs her godmother, “Aunt Dolly” from her Hannah Montana years.

While most of her fans devote years to discovering all the hope and healing in every Dolly Parton treasure, the 31-year-old, still-rising country star from Baskin, Louisiana, Lainey Wilson, had only seconds in the in-person aura of Dolly Parton. Even so, the fraction of a moment made a lifetime impression, as Yahoo relates.


No words necessary for meeting Dolly Parton

As with many life-altering exchanges, Lainey Wilson never recalls her own words to the remarkable Dolly Parton. Naturally, though, the lady who sings Words with Barry Gibb had the perfect compliment for Lainey at last May’s 58th ACM Awards, when the Heart Like A Truck singer took Female Artist of the Year honors.

“Lainey, I love our new song together,” Dolly Parton assured following the award presentation. In reflection, Wilson admits, “I don’t know if I even said anything, to be honest.” Instead, she offers a speechless expression.

For her part,  the honoree gushed, “I just met Dolly Parton,” from the podium.

At her flirty and faith-filled best, Dolly Parton offered co-host Garth Brooks the presentation of a real-life goat from the farm in place of the G.O.A.T. interpretation. Later, as Country Music Alley detailed, Dolly offers the worldwide audience the initial performance of World On Fire, with its passionate plea for peace and acceptance.

However brief the encounter lasted between the female contemporaries, the impact remains huge for Lainey Wilson.

“I felt like I’d known her my whole life,” Wilson assures of “those 15 seconds.”

My, how duets change!

Oddly enough, Lainey Wilson and Dolly Parton became duet partners before they shared their first embrace. The process of recording The Judds’ Mama He’s Crazy for the upcoming tribute collection, A Tribute to The Judds, was altogether different than anything Parton experienced through her early years in country music.

Ardent listeners look back fondly to the sight and sound of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton harmonizing side-by-side to If Teardrops Were Pennies or Just Someone I Used To Know. In those years, though, the public never realized the personal turmoil mixed with genuine respect. To her credit, Parton made peace with Wagoner just prior to his 2007 passing.

Thanks to the advancements in digital recording, Lainey Wilson and Dolly Parton experienced the delight of combining voices for the Judds’ classic, just not together.

“I had went in and cut my vocal on the song,” Wilson explains, “and [Dolly] went in a couple weeks later and did hers.”

Lainey describes the sensation of hearing their voices together as “insane.” Nonetheless, she hoped for the chance to “hug her neck” up close and personal. On the ACM stage, the less than a moment was magical.

Dolly Parton joy on the way to a zip code near you

Even with Dolly Parton’s announcement that she no longer wants to launch any major tours due to the travel away from home and not wanting to be apart from her husband, Carl Dean, 80, the 77-year-old dynamo of doing good has plenty of projects going outside of the release of her Rockstar collection, set for November 17. In fact, the entire album is a loving dedication to her husband.

In addition to her eternal presence in music, Dolly Parton sees her Imagination Library as the most important work of her life. Founded in 1995 in honor of her father, Robert Lee Parton, who never shook the sting of public scorn that accompanies illiteracy, her mission became to put books into the hands and homes of as many preschool children as possible. Each book is addressed to the individual child, and month by month, marvelously, a personal home library grows. Learning to read becomes a family experience.

Literacy-a lifetime gift

Very likely, Dolly Parton is ecstatic over the support from Indiana Governor, Michael Holcomb, confirmed this week by WLKY Louisville per MSN. The state leader is so passionate about the benefits of the literacy initiative that he commits to expanding “the program to every ZIP code in the state.”

In a provided statement, Parton thanked the many volunteers and community libraries for their united efforts. Holcomb reiterated that “the very ability to read can transport children and adults alike to places they have never been and open doors they never knew existed” in his press release.

To date, the Imagination Library has delivered 200 million books worldwide.

No, Dolly Parton won’t be on tour, but her passion, love, and spirit will be crisscrossing countless mailboxes and making little eyes sparkle.

What would you say to Dolly Parton if you had 15 seconds? Let us hear you in the comments and keep up with all the Dolly Parton news with Country Music Alley.

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