Gwen Stefani Details How Much Oklahoma Loves Reba McEntire

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For most country singers, getting a record deal, a chance to perform on stage, or the highly coveted Grammy is a dream come true. But for Reba McEntire, her time in the music industry landed her the crown of Queen of Country. Throughout her career, the icon sold over 75 million records worldwide. She also put 100 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Of those, 25 hit the number-one spot. That doesn’t include her hit television series Reba, books, or clothing line. Needless to say, McEntire is a businesswoman to the core. And although another artist, Gwen Stefani, knew of her, she had no idea how much influence she had in Oklahoma.

After marrying in 2021 to Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani moved to his Oklahoma home, embracing the farming lifestyle. Knowing the price of fame, the singer welcomed the fans who hoped to meet the loving couple. She recalled stopping at a Dairy Queen and speaking with the staff. “We went on a little road trip in Oklahoma just recently, with the boys, and we rolled up to some Dairy Queen. Like, you know, ‘Can we get an ice cream?’ And they’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Blake Shelton!'”

Gwen Stefani Meets The Queen Of Oklahoma

While the staff swooned over Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani noticed a few pictures of Reba McEntire around the store. Dumbfounded, the singer realized the country icon was from Oklahoma. “She’s actually from Oklahoma which is funny, because now I’m a transplant because I married Blake, and it’s just kind of interesting, because she’s an Okie!”

Gwen Stefani continued her story about learning the reach of Reba. “She’s like, ‘You should go over and see Reba’s Place, it’s right around the corner.’ And then we went into this thrift store, and there was a framed picture of Reba in there, signed. I was like, ‘Oh my God, there she is again!’ Then we went to some other Italian restaurant, and there was another framed picture of her. All in one day! It was everywhere.”

From Music Icons To Coworkers

With Gwen Stefani seeing Reba everywhere, it seemed fate when she replaced Blake Shelton as a judge on The Voice. Shelton, a pillar of the show, decided to step away to spend more time at home. As Reba took the chair, she recalled how the creators of the show offered her a coaching role during its first season. She admitted, “I can’t be a mean Judge. I mean, when I turned it down 15 years ago, when they wanted me to do The Voice, I said, ‘I can’t tell anybody that they’re horrible.’ I can’t say to somebody, ‘Well is your mama gonna meet you at the bus station? Because you’re going home.’ I can’t do that.”

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