Lainey Wilson Considers Jelly Roll ‘One Of The Purest Souls’

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Marking the first annual 2023 People’s Choice Country Awards, hosted by Little Big Town, the ceremony welcomed some of the biggest names in country music. Held at the Grand Ole Opry, icons like Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, Wynonna Judd, and Randy Travis walked the red carpet, celebrating how far country music has come over the decades.

Although the ceremony marked a significant moment in the genre, some artists, like Jelly Roll, skipped the event due to prior commitments, but don’t feel bad. The country singer brought home six awards. While accepting one of those awards, singer Lainey Wilson, who collaborated with Jelly Roll, detailed working with the artist and the persona that surrounds him.

While part of his newest album, Whitsitt Chapel, the song “Save Me” landed both Lainey Wilson and Jelly Roll Collaboration Song of 2023. Following his growing success, the singer discussed his music and the vulnerability he brings to his songs.

Striking a chord with people all around the world, Jelly Roll admitted, “I think that I fit into Pop music by just bringing the kind of music that you can relate to. The coolest thing about what’s happening in America right now is it’s popular to be vulnerable and honest and I absolutely fill that space.”

The Right Voice At The Right Time

Although Lainey Wilson happened to share the same outlook on Jelly Roll’s music, she harped on the person he is more than his voice. “Jelly is one of the purest souls I have gotten to know, and I think it is so cool that he has fans who love him for him. He makes people feel like they can be true to themselves and their stories, and I tell you what that right there is special in itself. This is for Jelly Roll, y’all!”

Back in August, Jelly Roll traveled to Nashville for a show. The singer welcomed his daughter, Bailee, to the stage. He explained to the crowd the importance of that moment and how Bailee approached him to write a song together. Surprising fans with a duet of “Tears Could Talk,” Jelly Roll thanked his fans for their love. “Not only have y’all changed my life, you’ve changed her life in ways that we can’t even describe.”

Jelly Roll Thanks Bailee For Whitsitt Chapel

As for Bailee, she inspired a great deal of Whitsitt Chapel when she asked her dad to go to church with her. “That little back-road church reminded me so much of this little church, and it was just so nostalgic because Bailee’s getting in trouble, smoking weed. She’s going through what 15-year-olds go through. I went through all that. I know that’s whenever my life turned all the way worse. It started bringing up all these emotions of me being right there on that fence.”

Reworking his soundtrack, Whitsitt Chapel features the number-one hit “Need A Favor” and the award-winning “Save Me.” Which Jelly Roll song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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