Reba McEntire Recalls Highs & Lows Ahead Of New Book

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Just before turning 21, country music icon, Reba McEntire decided to leave her home in Oklahoma to move to Nashville in hopes of sharing her voice with the world. While young, the star did more than share her talent as she sold around 90 million albums worldwide, topped the charts a total of 24 times, and helmed her own show, Reba.

Now, at 68, McEntire is on the cusp of releasing her newest book, Not That Fancy, the singer decided to discuss all the highs and lows that came with her career that spanned almost five decades.

Sitting down with Parade, Reba McEntire laughed about her idea of country music when she started out. With most people listening to the radio, the singer admitted she believed having a song on the airways equaled “rich.”

But McEntire revealed she recorded in 1976, but “didn’t get a royalty check from sales of my record until ’88 after I had won four CMA Female Vocalist of the Year awards. So, it was really wild that I didn’t make any money on my records until 1988.” That check happened to come 12 years after McEntire signed a contract with PolyGram Mercury Records.

From Touring To Hollywood

With artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna headlining, Reba McEntire shared how the money coming in went right back into her career. At the time, the singer said she was one of the “first people in Nashville” to produce music videos. With each video a “mini” movie, fans fell in love with the artist, catapulting her into the spotlight.

Reba McEntire didn’t stop with just music videos, she eventually landed a juicy role in the hit classic Tremors. Standing alongside actors like Kevin Bacon, the Grammy winner recalled wondering what she signed up for.

Juggling touring and filming Tremors, she noted, “It was a lot of late-night flying. Then it’s freezing cold in the desert in the morning and then by noon you’re burning up. It was hot, dusty and dirty. But I got a big kick out of it after a while.”

While most fans love her show, Reba, some might not know that at one time, director James Cameron sought the singer for his monumental film, Titanic. With Reba cast to play Molly Brown, scheduling conflicts caused the singer to back out, giving the role to Kathy Bates. McEntire added that “she did a wonderful job.”

Reba Shares Advice To Help Fight Stress

Taking a moment to plug Not That Fancy, the new book shares some details of her life, but according to Reba McEntire, it centers around not “sweating the small stuff”. She advised, “If your house is not cleaned up, don’t worry about it. If you don’t have time to cook everything, don’t worry about it. Make it a potluck.”

Full of traveling tips, favorite foods, and drinks, Not That Fancy is slated for an October 10 release. Besides singing, writing, and filming, fans of Reba McEntire can watch her on the newest season of The Voice. The country legend praised the other coaches like Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, and John Legend. “We’re absolutely having a blast!”

With filming, singing, and writing, what Reba McEntire project is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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