Luke Bryan Bursting At Seams With HUGE Zipper Mishap, Vid

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Growing up on a peanut farm, Luke Bryan’s dream of country music stardom seemed almost out of reach. But now, the singer is considered one of the best-selling music artists in the world. He not only sold over 75 million albums, but he also received the Album of the Decade award and the Entertainer of the Year, which was given to him five times. With 30 number-one hits, Bryan solidified his status as a music icon, but even legends make mistakes and recently, the I’ll Stay Me singer performed on stage with a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Luckily for Luke Bryan, wardrobe malfunctions have been somewhat of a curse for celebrities for decades. Jennifer Lopez struggled with her outfit at the 2012 Academy Awards and who could forget the famous Janet Jackson 2004 Super Bowl halftime show? That malfunction led to a hurricane of backlash as numerous churches hosted Super Bowl watch parties. For a few years after, some churches even banned the halftime show.

“Why Didn’t None Of You A**Holes Tell Me?”

Touring, Luke Bryan performed at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida when a fan noticed some interesting about his pants. Playing almost the entire concert, in front of thousands of fans, one person realized the singer’s zipper was down. Singing That’s My Kind Of Night, Bryan caught the fan pointing at him when it hit him, “Hold on! Shh… Stop! My f***kin zipper has been down the whole time.”

After fixing the mishap and thanking the fan, he turned to the rest of the arena, joking, “Why didn’t none of you a**holes tell me?” The crowd erupted into laughter as the singer started to play his set again.

Luke Bryan Loves Touring

While some singers dread to tour, it seems that is all Luke Bryan does. Throughout the year, he finished his 14th Annual Farm Tour. He is about to finish his Country On Tour at the end of this month, and his Las Vegas residency ends in January 2024. Speaking about touring, Bryan said, “I’m so excited about this year’s summer tour, the Country On Tour. I’ve got a lot of new up-and-coming artists. Some of ‘em have had a hit, some of ‘em are about to have a hit. They’re gonna be out there with me, and I’m so excited to be around young talent and watch them enjoy the summer tour.”

Although touring thrills Luke Bryan, headlining in Vegas allows him more range creatively.  He discussed the changes, stating, “The technology at this theatre allows us to do a completely different show than our regular tour which makes it a lot of fun for me, my team and the fans in the room.”

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