Luke Bryan Forgets The Lyrics To His Own Song At Fort Worth Concert

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Luke Bryan had a funny moment at a concert this week in Fort Worth, Texas (September 29, 2023). In front of a crowd of hundreds, the artist completely blanks on his own lyrics.

Who Is Luke Bryan?

Thomas Luther Bryan is a 47-year-old country singer and songwriter. He is married to Caroline Boyer and has five children. His career took off in 2005 with his song “All My Friends Stay.” Now, Bryan is known for his hit song “I Don’t Want This Night To End,” amongst many other number-one hits. The singer has performed almost 1,500 concerts, many of which have sold out completely.

Luke Bryan Comes To Texas

Thomas is currently on his Country On Tour until the end of January 2024. This past week, Luke Bryan visited Texas for two concerts on his tour. The first was in Dallas on the 28th, and the next was in Fort Worth on the 29th. Both concerts had a successful turnout. However, during his performance on September 29th, there was a small, but humorous hiccup.

Luke Bryan Blanks His Own Lyrics

During a performance of his 2013 song, “Crash My Party,” things go south on just the second line of the song.

After only a few seconds into the song, Bryan stops dead in his tracks. “What’s the damn words?” Luke yells while throwing his hands in the air. He tries a few more times, asking the crowd if those are even the right words. The person behind the camera keeps yelling, “Yes it is!” Once more, Luke Bryan says the first few words before giving up. “I have forgotten the damn words to the song. Can somebody google it?.. That’s not right, hold up. Stop it damnit! Stop it right now! What’s the lyrics?” Luke then points to a fan, asking them to search for the words.

“Oh, I got it! I got it! Wait I still don’t have it.” The artist takes off his hat, clearly frazzled. “I promise you I’m not drunk.”

Luke Bryan’s drummer then runs up to the singer with a phone, showing him the lyrics to the song. However, he googled the wrong damn song! Instead of searching “Crash My Party,” he pulled up “I Don’t Want This Night To End.” Someone in the front row finally pulls up the right lyrics and Luke says, “Alright I got it now. Everybody hush. And if any of y’all YouTube this, I’m gonna be really pissed.”

After the song is over, Luke says: “Alright, I’ve got a confession to make. In all of my career, that is the worst I have ever forgotten the lyrics in my life.”


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Even though it wasted a good five minutes of showtime, fans found this experience to be hilarious and entertaining. This goes to show that no matter how big an artist you are, mistakes are still easily made. It cannot be easy to know every lyric you have written by heart. Especially when you have well over 4 dozen songs.

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