Dolly Parton Relives Her Whitney Houston Reaction With Reimagined ‘Wrecking Ball’

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Completely and unabashedly, Dolly Parton savors being herself. Down to her last sparkling, studded rhinestone from the countless stage dresses and gowns of her wardrobe to the simple, comfy house clothes that the country music marvel lovingly calls “baby clothes,” Dolly Parton feels marvelous in her own skin, as she discussed openly with Norah O’Donnell of CBS Evening News this week.

Playfully, Dolly Parton teases how “I’m comfortable in my own skin no matter how far I’ve stretched it!” In her life and art, too, Parton pledges, “I’m honest in what I say,” stressing that “I don’t tell everything I know” in telling the truth. The Tennessee treasure holds close the counsel of her mother to hold back certain cherished information while speaking the truth.

Speaking of truth and treasures, Dolly Parton and her “fairy” goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, each carry the mantle of truth in timeless songs across generations in their own styles. As People per MSN details, the new rendition of Cyrus’ heart-wrenching Wrecking Ball was an instant “hit” for Parton, provoking the same response as when she heard Whitney Houston turn I Will Always Love You into a whole new triumph in 1992 for The Bodyguard soundtrack.


Whitney nearly leaves Dolly a wreck, and so does Miley

Of course, there is a huge surge of excitement for Dolly Parton’s first-ever rock collection, Rockstar, releasing November 17. There is no match to the energy and exuberance mustered from the 9 To 5 artist for any of the multiple projects she juggles.

Currently, she’s talking up her new book, Dolly Parton: My Life Behind the Seams, the launch for Rockstar, teasing faithful fans with one song every few weeks until the full release, and her continuing line of new recipes in her Duncan Hines cake mix line. She also shares several culinary secrets from Dollywood and her upbringing here and there. “I’ll never stop doing stuff,” Dolly promises, and no one doubts her for one second.

The sound of Whitney soaring with her words and notes, however, nearly put a stop to Dolly– on the side of the road. In her cozy social media share to celebrate the revived Wrecking Ball, Dolly Parton recounts, “I was driving, heard that one, and I almost wrecked.”

Sure enough, the breakup ballad did it again. “I almost wrecked again,” Parton admits. The anguished, powerful chorus prompted Parton to realize, “How great can a song be?” In closing her post, the proud godmother asks, “And how great can Miley Cyrus be?”


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Well, the years to come will determine the full answer to that one, but the Flowers artist brought bouquets of empowerment and self-worth to legions of ladies and dominated the download world. Make no mistake, this devoted kindred duo never goes halfway.


Miley gushes in gratitude

Not surprisingly, Miley Cyrus spared hardly a second to share heartfelt gratitude to “Aunt Dolly,” as Dolly Parton portrayed during Miley’s Hannah Montana run. Much to her godmother’s credit, Miley absorbed how to give gratitude through her beloved beyond-blood relation.

“It’s an honor to hear her singing one of my songs,” Miley praises the godmother who built the repertoire of the superstar through so many early years. To this day, Miley Cyrus includes Dolly Parton songs in nearly every setlist. Fittingly, Miley selects a genuinely golden photo of the two in black and gold with naturally beaming smiles to accompany her tribute.

“We’re ROCKSTARS now!” Cyrus exclaims, adding, “You can hear so much sweetness and love on this record.” The goddaughter closes with, “Forever your doll baby, Miley.”

From heartbreak to healing

Just as faithful fans recall the genuine real-life pain behind Wrecking Ball against Miley Cyrus’ painful breakup with Liam Hemsworth just over a decade ago, they also commiserate with the love and irrepressible need to part in Dolly Parton’s words to Porter Wagoner in the lines of. I Will Always Love You. Dolly wrote straight from the heart regarding her essential career decision.

Shockingly to some, Miley Cyrus only sang Wrecking Ball. Never writing a note of the Maureen Anne McDonald song (originally intended for Beyoncé), Miley had all the anguish to make it her own. Now, her songs reflect rising from pain.

In truth, loss and change transform every life. For her part, Dolly Parton sees spirituality as something within that everyone can cultivate. “You just live it and be it,” she insists in a Southern Living per MSN feature. “Everything’s a choice,” Parton sums up in life. “I choose happiness.”

In times when her heart is heavy, she ponders on what she can do to make situations better. The piano opening to the new rendition of Wrecking Ball only highlights the poignant meaning and power of the words more than ever.

Are you excited for the release of Rockstar? What songs do you plan to play on repeat? Let us hear you in the comments, and keep tuned in with Country Music Alley.

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