Lainey Wilson Talks Growing Friendship With Wynonna Judd

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Winning both the Album of the Year and Female Artist of the Year, Lainey Wilson is on top of the world as she continues to leave her mark on the country music industry. But while her career thrives, she never forgets where she came from and the artists who helped inspire her dream to perform on stage.

That is why she didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity to be part of an album honoring The Judds. With A Tribute to The Judds releasing on Friday, the singer recently discussed their impact on her and how she still receives texts from Wynonna Judd.

Recalling how much The Judds impacted her youth, Lainey Wilson seemed thrilled about getting the chance to pay tribute to the group who helped shape her voice. She said, “I mean, they were the soundtrack of my childhood. I remember going to my grandmother’s house. She’d pick me and my sister up to go eat, and we would crank up the Judds.”

From Fan To Collaborator

And if collaborating on an album for one of her favorite groups isn’t enough, it shocked Lainey Wilson to learn she would be singing alongside greats like Dolly Parton. Explaining how much of an influence Dolly Parton had on her, the singer noted, “It’s kind of crazy how both of those worlds collided and the stars aligned for me to be able to do a song with Dolly for The Judds.”

Although working on the album, the relationship between Wynonna Judd and Lainey Wilson goes far beyond collaborating. Wilson revealed that the icon will text her “every now and then.”

Remembering the last time she received a test from Judd, she said it was when she was listening to Watermelon Moonshine while driving. “I think her and her husband were headed somewhere, and it came on the radio and she videoed it and said, ‘my girl!’ or something like that.”

Ecstatic about the praise from Wynonna Judd, Lainey Wilson added, “I played it to my boyfriend right there next to me. I said, ‘Can you believe Wynonna Judd just texted me a song of mine on the radio?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, well, get used to it.’”

Lainey Wilson Shares The Support She Received

Giving a glimpse into the person Wynonna Judd is, Lainey Wilson shared what it was like working with the singer and how her talents go far beyond the recording studio.

“She’s been one of those ladies who has given me advice, high-fived me and told me I could do it. Told me I’ve got what it takes to do it. And when you hear it from people like that, it really does make you feel like you really can do it,” Lainey Wilson said.

Are you excited about the release of A Tribute To The Judds? Be sure to let us know below.

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