Hulk Hogan Stuns Fans At Jason Aldean Concert

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Often considered the greatest wrestler of all time, Hulk Hogan’s success in the ring allowed him to expand his Hulkamania brand into the world of Hollywood. During the 80s, the wrestler seemed larger than life, and he decimated his opponents in the ring and starred in films like Rocky III and Mr. Nanny.

To this day, his bout with Andre the Giant holds the viewership record, with a staggering 33 million fans watching. While the wrestler left the ring behind a long time ago, it appears the fandom is still going strong as country singer Jason Aldean couldn’t wait to honor the icon.

Any child who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s remembers the power Hulk Hogan brought to organizations like the WWF and WCW. And it seems that Jason Aldean was one of those fans. But way before his Highway Desperado Tour or traveling to Tampa, Florida, another singer had their eye on Hogan.

‘Pinned Me Down For Life’

Given the stardom that followed Dolly Parton, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that she once hosted her own show. Looking back on the show, it appears that Dolly couldn’t get enough of Hulk Hogan in her life as she wrote him the song “He’s Got A Headlock On My Heart.”

At the time, the singer admitted, “I wrote that because in one of those gossip magazines, you know, where they tell everything that ain’t true. Well, they predicted I would fall in love with a 300-pound wrestler and make a video and all of that. I thought it was great, and the people wanted to see it again. We’ve gotten so many calls.”

In the video, which can be watched above, Hulk Hogan and Dolly Parton do more than share a moment – they fall in love. With the vintage video showing the pair falling in love, Dolly joked, “I guess you could say he has pinned me down for a lifetime.”

Hulk Hogan Takes The Stage

Besides Dolly Parton’s affection towards Hulk Hogan, Jason Aldean is also a fan of the wrestler. With his Highway Desperado Tour underway, the singer recently performed in Tampa, Florida. As the singer played his songs, he stopped for a moment to surprise fans with the wrestling legend. As the crowd erupted into cheers, Hogan walked on stage with one of Aldean’s guitars. “What’s up, Jason Aldean maniacs? What’s up, Tampa, Florida? Let me hear how much love you’ve got for Jason Mania, brother! We love you.”


Hulk Hogan taking the stage with Jason Aldean in Florida 🤘🏻 // 🎥: @Lori #whiskeyriff #jasonaldean #hulkhogan #wwe #countrymusic #countryconcert

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While taking a moment to enjoy the spotlight and stage, Hulk Hogan appeared in prime shape as he danced around and performed his iconic moves to entice the crowd. Fans commented on the experience, writing, “Our 11yr old who came to the concert and was so excited to see Jason Aldean had tears of joy when Hogan came out and now says that was the best part of the concert!!”

Can you name the band Hulk Hogan was part of in the 1990s? Be sure to share your answer below.

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