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Luke Bryan’s 13-year-old son, Tate Bryan, had a medical scare. This medical scare landed him in the emergency room at Williamson Medical Center. Williamson Medical Center is located in Franklin, Tennessee, which is about 45 minutes from The Grand Ole Opry.

A Familiar Family Medical Emergency

The world learned of this medical emergency when Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, took to social media with the news of their son’s accident. She started her Instagram post with “How ya feeling?”

The son of the “Play It Again” singer was taken to Williamson Medical Center due to a fishing accident. While fishing, he had managed to hook himself in the knee with the fishing hook he was using to catch trout. The 13-year-old Tate had to have a fishing hook removed from his leg.

This isn’t the first time a member of the Bryan family has had to visit an emergency room for fishing hook removals. This appears to be a regular outing for Luke Bryan and his family. Seeing it could have been much worse, all that “Prayin’ In A Deer Stand” appears to have paid off.


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Ironic Injury

The injury to Luke Bryan’s son is not without some irony. The family did a commercial for Williamson Medical, the same hospital where Tate had the fishing hook removed. Of course, things were a bit different in real life than what was in the commercial.

Former NASCAR driver and current NASCAR broadcaster, Darrel Waltrip appeared in the commercial with Luke Bryan and his family. Unlike in the commercial, the NASCAR legend did not go with the Bryan family to the hospital. Waltrip was nowhere to be found when this emergency took place.

More Good News

In addition to the fact Luke Bryan’s son should make a full recovery, there is more good news. Tate Bryan, despite getting a fishing hook in his knee, did manage to keep his sense of humor. He replied to his mother’s social media post with “I at least caught the trout.”

There is some bad news. According to Caroline Bryan, her teenage son did lose a new pair of jeans. In order to get the fishing hook out of Tate’s knee, the jeans had to be cut off. All in all, things worked out well for the Bryan family.

Tell us what you think. How many fishing injuries do you think Luke Bryan and his family have had? Do you have any safety tips for the Bryan family to follow in order to avoid such injuries in the future? Did you find it ironic the Bryan family made the commercial for the Williamson Medical Center about a fishing injury? Sound off in the comment section with your thoughts.

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