Tim McGraw Talks January 6th, Common Sense On Guns, & Healing In Music

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In no uncertain terms, Tim McGraw understands what it is to see a song transform the world. Besides racking up 43 #1 hits across his three-decade career in country music, the songs Live Like You Were Dying (2004) and Humble and Kind (2016) became global cultural lifelines and anthems of comfort and resolve to become better.

These days, Tim McGraw is taking to the road again with his latest album, Standing Room Only. One unsuspecting audience got the surprise of a lifetime with Faith Hill and their youngest daughter, Audrey, embracing the devoted dad to create an unforgettable finale, as Country Music Alley conveyed to faithful fans in a feature celebrating oldest daughter, Gracie McGraw’s Halloween fashion statement.

As it happens, one of the songs from Standing Room Only is “Some Songs Change Your World.” Even under the rigors and stress of a tour, Tim McGraw made time to talk with Time in an immensely candid interview. Clearly, Tim McGraw, firmly believes that music has the power to heal, and people have the power to make choices for good.

Music captures what we have in common

Like few artists in country music, Tim McGraw is truly comfortable in his own skin.  Long-time fans know that while one or two songs may soar at the top of the charts, genuine gems treasured for all time, such as “You Had To Be There” or “Hallelujahville,” paint portraits that never fade– portraits of real people, like those in Tim McGraw’s audiences.

Thanks to the 24-hour news cycle in which snippets of stories fall into chronic repeat, Tim McGraw feels that “hearing stuff that’s not necessarily true” or just taken from “this small segment” rather than “what the majority of the people think and feel.” McGraw yearns for “just realizing that we’re more alike than we are different– and I always try to just let my music speak to that.” Clearly, Tim McGraw’s career thrives on his focus of personal truth over simply promoting hits.

Tim McGraw endured January 6 as ‘one of the saddest days’ in American history

“I couldn’t believe that it had actually happened,” Tim McGraw concurs with so many who watched the horrors of January 6 unfold at the nation’s capital. Tragically, however, the nightmare in broad daylight continued to play out on the steps of the Capitol and in the chambers within.

“[January 6] was one of the saddest days in our country’s history,” Tim McGraw attests, as confirmed in a Whiskey Riff per MSN feature.  “Hopefully, it will never happen again,” the artist pleads earnestly.

For his part, as another Whiskey Riff per MSN story relates, Tim McGraw refuses to give the 45th president “any air,” stressing that the entire topic is “so far out there that I can’t even put words to it.”

On the other hand, though, the “How I’ll Always Be” singer stands as an eternal optimist. “I think that everybody deserves the right to live their lives in the best way that they possibly can and to soar in the best way.”

Tim McGraw contends that a return to civility– on both sides– is the start of the process. Additionally, the avid bird hunter from Louisiana has no plans to give up that passion, but he asserts that most Americans join him in supporting “some red flag laws.”

A passionate girl dad

Only three years ago, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill celebrated the right to vote as a family, as Audrey cast her first ballot in a national election. Instantaneously, the tone and energy of this socially-centered interview took its most charged turn with the topic of women’s rights. When it comes to matters of their bodies, their lives, and their future, the vote is theirs.

“I’m a dad of three daughters and I have a wife,” McGraw reiterates. Naturally, the husband and father advocate, “I want to see a world where my daughters have control of every decision.” Furthermore, Tim McGraw elaborates that this pertains to “Medically, personally, or the way they want to live their lives, I support a woman’s right to choose.

Unequivocally, Tim McGraw insists that the process of that choice involves “a family, their doctor, and their God,” with no one else intruding into the choices.

Ultimately, these bold stances are no surprise to most Tim McGraw loyalists. What is refreshing is to see any star of his magnitude simultaneously stand for women, common sense, music, and the power to “figure it out” for a better life, world, and country. Bravo for being brave enough to take on the big topics!

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