Gracie McGraw Goes For Beautiful Brocade On Velvet In Gothic Look

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In the category of wholehearted cheerleaders of their brood of beautiful, accomplished, and independent daughters, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill take first place honors hands-down. Gracie, 26, Maggie, 25, and Audrey, 21, have no worries that their mom and dad are forever in their individual corners.

As the season of gremlins, warlocks, and witches rolls along in this year’s Halloween ride, big sister, Gracie McGraw, conjured the most bewitching style for a red carpet stroll, as Parade per Aol notes. So far as anyone knows, no one turned into a toad, but the eldest McGraw daughter definitely cast a spell on every onlooker and paparazzi present. Read further to find out more about the reactions.

Gracie brings back brocade in a big way

The lush intricacy and detail of Brocade first emerged in the Middle Ages, when only the wealthiest of people could afford the exorbitant prices imposed by the Byzantine Emperor of the time. When a pair of monks brought the secret of silk production and silkworm breeding (sericulture) to the Byzantine emperor, the art and design of the shuttle-woven fabrics quickly spread from China through Italy and Europe. As it happens, “brocade” derives from the same root word as “broccoli.” Broccato means “embossed cloth.” By today’s definition, however, brocade also refers to any fabric characterized by a raised design. For her part, Gracie McGraw never needed a history lesson to raise eyebrows in her historic choice of attire.

No, it wasn’t a little black dress that lured eyes to Gracie McGraw. Instead, the powerhouse singer picked a luscious, oversized black velvet jacket drenched with gold rope accents, showing more than a tease of midriff at the Women’s Wear Daily Honors soiree. Although no one knows if the cost of gold on this Halloween ensemble reaches the heights of the threads through the Middle Ages, Gracie looked like a million bucks. Fittingly, a black maxi skirt was all the jacket needed.


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Country Music Alley chronicled Gracie McGraw’s career passion from her first transition to being a brunette and proving her vocal prowess with a stunning performance of The Wizard and I from Wicked. At last, Broadway is calling to Gracie McGraw. Most recently, Gracie sang alongside Stephanie Torns fresh off her run with Broadway Sings Celine Dion. The two tore into the classic stand-for self-love ballad, Tell Him.

Even Grandma has a say

While the brocade makes a bold statement for Gracie McGraw, she doesn’t leave the finishing touches to chance. On this heady evening, she styles her hair in wavy tufts to compliment her burgundy lips and smoky eyes, shadowed in black hues. Pulling together the whole look, some chunky heels surely proved to be the perfect shoes for walking through the mandatory mingle event.

Naturally, the look was pleasing enough to Gracie McGraw to prompt her share on social media. In terms of the ultimate approval, though, no one trumps Grandma, and Gracie’s paternal grandma, Betty Trimble, had her sweet say.

Not surprisingly, some Gracie McGraw followers raved over the finger curls, while one summed it up with, “Good god woman…sheesh MAGIC.”

When it comes to words from grandma, however, they have a knack for making every word count. Once Betty Trimble weighed in, there was nothing left to say. “My beautiful granddaughter,” Trimble offered, with a trio of smiley kisses.

Another family reunion with dad

Despite not being with his oldest daughter for a big night, Tim McGraw had a big night of his own a few days ago in Laughlin, Nevada, as another Parade per Aol feature reveals.

Just as McGraw launches into Remember Me Well from his latest album, Standing Room Only, none other than Faith Hill sashays in a dance from stage left to join her husband onstage. At the final bow, parents Tim and Faith, both 56, embrace their youngest daughter, Audrey, to cap off the night.

Graciously, Tim McGraw shared a montage video of the moments on social media, and fans responded in pure ecstasy. Without a doubt, Gracie McGraw feels the family’s joy from afar.


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“Love this [heart] Faith and baby girl with you,” gushed one attendee, while another remarked in amazement that it was her first Tim McGraw concert.

Tim McGraw is slated to continue his current tour into June of 2024, but the family extras aren’t guaranteed as bonuses to the tickets. As Tim McGraw sings through the video for Gravy, highlighting the growing years for Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey McGraw, “Everything else is gravy.” You have to be there to catch it when you can.

Who do you plan to see on the road in the next few months? Let us know in the comments, and keep dialed into Country Music Alley.

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