Jason Aldean Releases Music Video, ‘Let Your Boys Be Country’

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Jason Aldean finally dropped the music video for his new song “Let Your Boys Be Country,” and fans love it. How is the artist doing after his controversy with “Try That In A Small Town?” Has his music changed?

Jason Aldean’s “Let Your Boys Be Country”

On August 25th, 2023, Jason dropped a new song as a part of his Highway Desperado album titled “Let Your Boys Be Country.” The song was written to encourage kids to be kids. That means playing, getting dirty, exploring, all the things that previous generations were granted. With the way the world has developed, kids have been stuck inside on tablets, not caring to adventure outside. With hope, this song will play a role in changing that. So far, people have loved the song with no complaints.

Jason Aldean’s New Music Video

On November 6th, 2023, Jason premiered the official music video for “Let Your Boys Be Country” on YouTube. Though it does not have many views, there has been a sufficient amount of engagement across social media. The video has 165k views, 11k likes, and over 700 comments. The video is a total of 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

Various children and young men are shown playing and living the proper country life in the music video; having a bonfire, working alongside livestock, driving and climbing through mud, hunting, and racing motorbikes, amongst many other core memories. Also included in the video is Jason Aldean with his son, Memphis, who is almost 6 years old. He is teaching his boy how to hunt, a skill not many young people have the chance to learn anymore.

Fan Response

Comments under Jason’s post share nothing but praise. Many fans have left paragraphs of their own stories and the impact that the lyrics have on them. The song is clearly becoming well-loved in the country community, as it shares a good message. Here are a few that stood out:

@MJ-wc7np: “Can’t love this enough!! Jason just keeps getting better and better, and even more so on how he loves our country, and teaching his kids what America stands for is even better!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸”

@bridgetalbright89: “Awesome song. I grew up in the city not by choice obviously but moved to the country to raise my boy right. When I heard this song I just could relate to it so much for the life I wanted to give my boy. Keep on doing you. Great music and just love everything u put out. Great video.”

@A_Random_Person27: “I just about cried. Lots of boys are being raised to think it’s wrong to be boys. This message is so healthy for people to just allow your boys to be country.”

What do you think about this new song and music video?

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