Wynonna Judd Opens Up About Touring Without Her Mother

Wynonna Judd/Credit: YouTube
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It has been over a year since Naomi Judd’s shocking death. In a new interview, Wynonna Judd opens up about touring without her mother.

Wynonna Judd On The Voice

The music industry as a whole was shell-shocked in April 2022 when news broke that Naomi Judd had died. Her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley, chose to publicly confirm that their mother had taken her own life.

Naomi Judd’s death came just one day before she was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame with Wynonna for their years spent as the country music duo The Judds.

After her mother’s death, Wynonna Judd went ahead with the ceremony solo and also continued The Judds tour, which was already sold out. However, she didn’t tour alone – several country singers joined stops along the tour to support the grieving singer.

Wynonna Judd clearly finds solace in performing. After The Judds tour wrapped up, she embarked on a solo tour of her own. The ongoing Back to Wy tour continues through December.

Fans can also see Wynonna Judd on NBC’s The Voice. She joined Season 24 as a mega mentor to Reba McEntire’s team of singers.

Wynonna Judd/Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Jelly Roll Pulls Out All The Stops For Wynonna Judd Collaboration

In between her solo tour and appearances on The Voice, Wynonna Judd still made time to perform at the 2023 CMA Awards. She teamed up with Jelly Roll on his song “Need A Favor” to open the ceremony. While her vocals were on point, fans were concerned about her lack of movement on stage. She stood in one place, gripping Jelly Roll’s jacket through the performance.

After seeing the concern from fans, the singer released a statement explaining why she was acting strange.

The CMA duet almost didn’t happen. She initially said no because she needed to be at her next tour stop the day after the CMAs.

However, Jelly Roll pulled out all the stops to make the duet happen. Whiskey Riff reported that the Nashville newbie hired a private plane to get Wynonna Judd to her next tour stop.

Wynonna Judd Opens Up About Touring Without Her Mother

The Judds only performed together for eight years before disbanding in 1991. However, they continued to tour in the years that followed. After the duo disbanded, Wynonna Judd created a successful solo career for herself.

Still, the death of her mother and long-time music partner was undoubtedly hard on her. The “No One Else On Earth” singer recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how she managed to tour after the loss of her mother.

“I don’t know how I’m doing it,” she confessed. She compared it to the blur of a wedding. “You just keep hugging the next person, and taking the picture, and doing what you’re supposed to do, then you sleep later.” 

The veteran singer admitted to having “highs and lows” on the road. Wynonna Judd recounted breaking down in the middle of a concert. “Like the other night, I got really emotional. I felt mom, and I felt a bit overcome. I just said, ‘I need some water, and I need someone to hold onto me for a second while I take a deep breath and cry.’

However, she’s determined to get through the rest of her tour. Does it surprise you that Wynonna Judd decided to continue touring without her mother by her side? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Get her off of The Voice ! She is causing conflict with the judges. She used bad language with her suggests for one of the contestants. She is arrogant and resentful in so many ways. I like her music and can listen to her sing, but her personality is very abrasive.

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