Garth Brooks Explains Why He Won’t Perform At His New Bar

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Garth Brooks put on a big concert that he had simulcast on Prime Video for the grand opening of his new Nashville Bar. Garth performed his show at Friends in Low Places in Nashville’s Lower Broadway on Friday night. However, he said he doesn’t plan to take the stage there again.

Here is why Garth is against performing in his own club and what it means for the future of Friends in Low Places.

Garth Brooks wants his bar to focus on new talent

Garth Brooks said there were several things he made sure of when he opened Friends in Low Places. First, he didn’t want his name on the club. Garth said his hit song is almost more popular than he is, and even if people don’t like him, they have sung that song. Second, this is not a vanity project.

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Garth said he wants Friends in Low Places to be a “pay-it-back” gesture to Nashville for giving him his big break in country music. He also wants it to be a “pay-it-forward” gesture to help the next big country stars get their breaks in his bar. As a result, Garth said he won’t be taking the stage again to allow the next generation a chance to shine on their own in his bar (via PEOPLE).

Garth also joked that this next generation of stars is getting something he never got. “Friends in Low Places” was a song about singing in dive bars with similar crowds every night. However, he jokes that his bar is “too nice,” and he said it isn’t like any “honky-tonk I was raised in.”

Garth Brooks explains his bar’s actual opening

While Black Friday was the grand opening of Friends in Low Places, it is not the official opening. Work is still ongoing in the bar, and Garth Brooks said they will remain open only on weekends through either New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day and then shut down until March. In March, the bar will officially open for good.

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Friends in Low Places will offer drink and food service on five floors. It also includes a rooftop bar called the Oasis, a namedrop from the “Friends in Low Places” song. Garth said he won’t decorate the walls with his own memorabilia. He did say fans can send in their own memorabilia to adorn the walls. Garth hinted his own memorabilia is for “another building and another time.”

What are your thoughts on Garth Brooks and his plans to use his new bar, Friends in Low Places, to focus on future talent and not himself? Let us know your thoughts on Garth’s new bar and his goal of paying it forward to future generations in the comments below.

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