Did Hank Williams Jr Cancel Concert Because Of Garth Brooks?

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News recently broke that Hank Williams Jr. canceled an appearance at the Country Legends show because he learned Garth Brooks was going to be there. According to the reports, Hank said that he wouldn’t show up if Brooks was also in attendance, and many of his fans praised his stance.

Here is a look at what reports claim Hank said and what happened.

Did Hank Jr. pull out of appearance because of Garth Brooks?

A news article hit that revealed that Hank Williams Jr. was pulling out of a concert appearance at the Country Legends show. According to the report, Hank refused to go because Garth Brooks was also scheduled to be there. Hank reportedly said, “I wouldn’t be caught dead on stage with Garth Brooks.” This pleased many of Hank’s fans.

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Fans on Twitter responded to the news article by praising Hank for taking a stand.

  • “I hope that hits Garth right where it hurts.”
  • “This is why I love Hank Jr.”
  • “Hank knows. Brooks, Dixie Chicks all cut out of the same cloth.”
  • “Hell yeah! Love me some HANK Jr!!”

However, what many of the fans praising Hank don’t realize is that this never happened. The post came from a website called The Dunning-Kruger Times. and the website openly states that it is a satire site meant to use humor to “expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

The site has done this in the past with stories about Jason Aldean, Kid Rock, and many more. Most people share it on Twitter, but few of them took the time to actually read the article they were sharing.

The original article was clear satire

The purpose of The Dunning-Kryger Times is to see how many people share their fake articles without knowing any better. The Dunning-Kruger effect is an actual psychiatric condition where a person overestimates their intelligence on a subject.

Garth Brooks / YouTube

In the case of the Hank Jr. news, there was a lot of the story that should have raised flags for anyone reading it. For one thing, Williams said Brooks canceled his Las Vegas residency because people bought tickets just to show up and boo Garth. Garth’s Vegas residency was extended into 2024. A spokesman then claimed Garth would be quitting soon because he has “eleventy billion dollars.”

There was also a quote by “Alan Jackson’s neighbor Jerry,” who said he hated Brooks and would tell Jackson if not for “that stupid restraining order.” He lamented that since Garth wouldn’t give up Bud Light, he could never “listen to Achy Beaky Heart” again.

Finally, there is no event called Country Legends – it was invented for the article.

The author of the article was Flagg Eagleton, the “son of an American potato farmer and a patriot” who spent seven years on welfare before getting his HVAC certificate.

What are your thoughts on the fake articles circulating on social media from people who believe they are real? Did you believe that Hank Williams Jr. said this about Garth Brooks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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