Trisha Yearwood Fans Unimpressed By Recent Performance

Trisha Yearwood/Credit: Fox 5 New York YouTube
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Viewers stated “She sounds awful tonight,” as they weren’t impressed with Trisha’s performance at the Grand Opening of Garth Brooks’ new bar in Nashville.

Today, November 24, 2023, Garth Brooks officially opened his new bar, Friends In Low Places, in Downtown Nashville. And, you guessed it, Garth Brooks was the first one to perform on the new stage!

Naturally, he was accompanied by his wife, Trisha Yearwood. While everyone knows her to be incredibly talented, viewers noticed something seemed a bit odd about her performance tonight.

Where Was The Concert Live Streamed?

The concert was available for live streaming on Amazon, after the NFL’s Black Friday game. The game was between the Jets and the Dolphins. Rumor has it, that the Internet went in on Trisha Yearwood harder than the Jets did during their game against the Dolphins.

What Did Viewers Notice?

Many viewers had pointed out that, she seemed to be off-key during her performance of “She’s In Love With The Boy,” and they questioned whether she could hear herself or if she had ear monitors in, during the song.

Some Posts Made By Fans:

“Trish Yearwood is way off key… Wow! Autocorrect that thang!”

“Ok. I’ll Say it. Trisha’s voice isn’t what it used to be. #GarthBrooks #TrishaYearwood”

Holy Moly. Does Trisha Yearwood not have in-ear or on-stage monitors for this Black Friday Dive Bar concert? She’s way off pitch (uncharacteristically). Yikes.”

“Why is Trisha Yearwood yelling her lyrics instead of singing?”

“It sounds like Trisha forgot how to sing.”

“I love Trisha but, she sounds awful tonight.”

“If I paid money to see this Trisha Yearwood performance, I would be livid. I’ve seen karaoke better than this!”

Many other viewers wondered if she was feeling ill or under the weather.

While her performance isn’t what the level of production she and Garth are used to, they are playing at a bar, not in a huge stadium or arena, like they are used to. Garth mentioned he wants to have the best stage on Broadway, but, no doubt, even the best bar stage can be a bit of a challenge for superstar performers, like him and Trisha.

Garth Continues To Be “Cringe” After Concert

What is Garth Brooks’ deal?

If you ask the comedian, Tom Segura, he would tell you, that Garth acts strange because he’s a serial murderer. This is why you often see with each one of Garth’s posts, or anything related to him, people will comment asking “Where are the bodies?”

Of course, Garth is one of the greatest country artists of all time, even if he exclusively realizes his new albums at Bass Pro Shop. But, each time he puts out a new video on his socials or does an interview, viewers can’t help but notice he seems a little off.

Did you watch the performance? What did you think? Did she seem ill or like she could hear herself? We are curious! Comment below and let us know!

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