Kelly Clarkson Gives Fans Hard Brush Off

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Kelly Clarkson showed up at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting in New York City to perform. She looked beautiful as she performed. However, as expected, some people found a reason to complain and took to social media to make their voices heard. However, Clarkson has ignored the haters.

Here is what the fans complained about and how Kelly reacted to the comments.

Kelly Clarkson ignores complaints after recent performance

Kelly Clarkson performed at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting, but it seemed like some fans could only bash her for how she dressed. While many fans complimented her appearance, others complained because she wore a white coat with fur lining. That sent several fans to social media to bash her clothing choice.

Kelly Clarkson / YouTube

Kelly posted a video of her heading out to perform on Instagram and several fans started complaining.

  • “Please tell me that’s not real fur.”
  • “I hope that is not real fur!”
  • “Don’t wear tortured dead animals.”
  • “Those poor animals are worth more than cuffs and trim. #cruelty.”
  • “Kelly, I love you, but please don’t wear fur….”

Just as many people were defending her choices to wear what she wanted, regardless of some fan’s concerns for animal welfare. However, for anyone wondering what Kelly Clarkson was going to say about it, she said absolutely nothing and just brushed off the complaints, instead focusing on other aspects of the night.

Kelly Clarkson credits her team for her appearance

While many fans wanted Kelly Clarkson to reveal whether she was wearing real fur or a faux fur coat, she didn’t give them the satisfaction. Instead, she praised the team responsible for her appearance. In a post after the complaints, she credited her stylist, wardrobe person, makeup artist, and hair stylist for making her look so good at the event.

Kelly Clarkson IG post

This was also a slight dig at her fans, many of whom decided to critique parts of her appearance. Even the fans who claimed she looked beautiful decided they knew better about certain aspects of her appearance. Some of those fans insulted her bangs and told her she needed to cut her hair differently. Instead, Kelly praised her hair stylist Robert Ramos. For the people who complained about her coat, she praised her wardrobe consultant, Arleisha Randle.

One thing celebrities like Kelly Clarkson have gotten used to is judgmental fans. Whether it is fans who seek better treatment for animals or those who just want to ridicule an aspect of the celebrity’s appearance, Kelly realizes it is best to just ignore them. For Kelly, she took it one step further and posted even more photos of her in the coat, brushing off all complaints.

What are your thoughts about Kelly Clarkson’s appearance at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony? Do you think she owes anyone an explanation for the coat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think Kelly looked amazing and is embracing who she is. My thoughts on all of this is if you do not like what she wears or how she wears her hair keep it to yourself. Everyone has their idea of what looks good and doesn’t and it is an opinion. If more people would keep their negative opinions to themselves we would be so much better off.

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