Toby Keith Shares What His Cancer Battle Taught Him

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Toby Keith has gone through a tough time with his recent cancer battle, but he has learned some valuable lessons from it. Keith, who said he hadn’t taken a day off in 30 years, took the last three years off to battle this disease. As he prepares for another concert tour, he reflects on his mortality.

Here is what Toby said about his battles and what he learned from them.

Toby Keith said he no longer fears his future

Toby Keith appeared on the Taste of Country Nights, On Demand podcast and opened up about his cancer battle. When it comes to his health, Toby said it all depends on the day. On the day of his interview, he said he was feeling great. However, he also said it was all about doing what he needed to do to fight this disease.

Toby Keith / YouTube

Keith has the money to hire the best of the best to aid in his medical treatment. He recently headed down to Florida to get more help. He said that he has a “lot of people on these teams, and you just have to dig in and get everybody in the right place — get the right people and pray for the right results.”

He said he has gotten comfortable with the treatment and said he has learned a lesson about his life. He revealed he won’t let cancer define “the rest of my list.” Whether he lives to be 100 or not, he said he is moving forward.

He also mentioned a friend who learned he was dying and was dead 10 days later. Toby Keith said a lot of people battle cancer, and he has decided he won’t be afraid of it anymore. He finished by saying he was going to “John Wayne this son of a b**ch.”

Toby Keith on his big performance of ‘Don’t Let the Old Man In’

This interview came after his huge appearance at the People’s Choice Country Awards where he sang his older song “Don’t Let the Old Man In.” It was a five-year-old song that radio ignored, but one that has a new life after his performance.

Toby said he was weak on the day of the performance because he had been feeling better and had some wine the night before. He said that knocked him down a bit and he got sick. He was still on chemo, but he fought through it and said that the song hit it big that night, even though he had doubts. He felt it could be a “bummer” after Blake Shelton’s “Who’s Your Daddy?” However, it helped fuel his comeback.

“It just spotlighted the moment and the song so much,” Toby said. “When I hit the stage, everybody was wanting to see what’s left. What’s he got left?”

What are your thoughts on Toby Keith’s reflection on his cancer battle? Do you think he will be able to relaunch his career now that he is in remission? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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