Luke Bryan Shoots Down His Son’s Big Dream

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Now that Luke Bryan’s son Bo is ready to hit the road, the 15-year-old has big plans. However, his dad isn’t too thrilled about it. The young man is learning that his dad is not going to support all of his dreams.

Luke Bryan’s Son Learns To Drive

Bo, Luke’s 15-year-old son had hit the legal driving age this previous March. However, the teen was not in a rush to get on the road. Bryan explained the experience as a “nightmare.” Here is what he told Katie Neal in an old interview:

“He’s 15, so he’s doing the whole learner’s permit nightmare. He is not a very good driver right now, so we’re having to work with him pretty hard. He’s very frustrated right now because he thinks he knows how to drive, but he has no idea what he’s doing,” Bryan adds. “He thinks because he can operate a 4-wheeler or Polaris that he is quite proficient, but he is not, I assure you.”

Unfortunately for Bo, this made headlines across many news sites, putting the boy on blast a little bit. Although, things now seem to be going better for the young man.

Luke Bryan Shares His Opinions About Bo’s Ideal Car

In an interview yesterday, Luke Bryan shared some information about his son Bo, and where his progress is in learning to drive. The 47-year-old country singer joined Katie Neal on her podcast to discuss his new song, “But I Got A Beer In My Hand.” However, Katie and Luke got into a more relaxed conversation about life and plans for the upcoming holiday season.

Katie, who runs the podcast show Katie & Company, asked Luke Bryan about going home and taking a break during the winter festivities. Bryan explains that he loves work and keeping busy but is looking forward to spending time at home. She then asks about his two sons missing their pop and where they are in life. This led to the humorous topic of Bo’s driving skills, as Katie was worried she embarrassed the kid in their previous interview.

Luke Bryan tells Katie, “He’s finally got it going. He’s grown up on the farm driving side-by-sides and stuff like that. I just assumed that it would translate to being on the highway. It did not. But, hey, we got him rockin’ and rollin’, and now we’re just trying to figure out what will be the first vehicle in his life.”

Neal was excited to hear this news. She then asks what car he has in mind. Luke responds, “He tried to pick it out. We realized real quick, ‘You’re not getting that.’ He wants a big truck and we’re going to get him something but we’re not getting him what he wants, let’s say that.”


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This experience just goes to show how Luke Bryan is not much different from the general public. Just like many other fathers, he is stomping the invisible brakes in the passenger seat while his baby boy takes the wheel.

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