What To Know About Lauren Alaina’s Amazing Fiance, Cam Arnold

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Unlike many famous singers, Lauren Alaina has decided to settle down with a man who lives an average and ‘normal’ life. Read on to learn more about this kind gentleman and how the two crossed paths.

Lauren Alaina’s Previous Relationships

In the past, the American Idol star Lauren Alaina has been seen with a couple of other aspiring celebrities. First, she was with Alex Hopkins, whom she began dating at the age of 17. The two got engaged when they were both 23 years old but called it off in 2019, looking to start their lives fresh. Then, also in 2019, Lauren Alaina had a short-lived relationship with comedian John Crist. They were only together for a few months. After that breakup, her dating life seemed to stagnate. That was until she dropped a bomb in November of 2022.

Who Is Lauren Alaina With Now?

Currently, Lauren is engaged! A bit over a year ago, she made things official with her boyfriend, Cam Arnold. Unlike Alaina, he has not been in the spotlight. The two had gotten together shortly after meeting in 2020. Surprisingly, it was thanks to Luke Bryan that the pair had matched. Their stories came together in Mexico during Luke Bryan’s annual all-inclusive concert vacation. Alaina gave Cam her number, and the rest is history. However, things were not made public until November 19th, 2022, during a date night at The Grand Ole Opry. This was the day after Cam had proposed to Lauren with a shining diamond ring.

Alaina shares some more information about Cam with People Magazine, stating: “He’s a good teammate. He’s my best friend in the whole wide world. He wears a suit for work every day, and I’m not sure that he had any idea who I was when he met me. And I’m still not sure he fully does know who I am!” she jokes. “I’m just kidding. But he’s very normal. He’s from Georgia like me. He’s just awesome.” Alas, this did not supply much of a bio for the handsome gentleman. Luckily, the public has access to some general key details about Arnold and where he comes from.

All About Lauren Alaina’s Man

As Alaina had said, Cam Arnold is just an average man. He has not seen the fame and glam of the celebrity life yet. He was born in Georgia, just like Lauren. In 2010, Cam graduated from Auburn University with a finance degree. For the past 7+ years, the gentleman has lived in Nashville to pursue his career in the insurance industry. Currently, Cam works as the Vice President of Sales at SouthPoint Risk, according to his LinkedIn profile. Scott was found to be 34 years old in 2022, making him around 6 years older than 29-year-old Alaina.

There is no set date for the wedding, at least not known to the public. However, Lauren Alaina has teased that it will occur sometime in 2024. Stay tuned for more updates as the new year comes.

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