Cody Johnson Thanks Luke Combs For His Career Success

Cody Johnson / YouTube
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Cody Johnson had released six indie albums before he finally signed with Warner Music Nashville in 2019. He has since watched his first three major-label albums hit the top 20 on the main Billboard 200 charts. Cody said that he owes his big success to none other than Luke Combs.

Here is what Cody said about Luke and how he credits him for his successful career.

Cody Johnson says he owes Luke Combs for his success

Cody Johnson saw some success on his own before signing with Warner Music Nashville. His last two self-released albums hit number 33 (Cowboy Like Me) and 11 (Gotta Be Me) on the Billboard 200. However, he skyrocketed to success with his major label albums. Ain’t Nothin’ To It and Human: The Double Album both went gold.

Cody Johnson / YouTube

Cody Johnson recently came off a tour where he played in support of Luke Combs in Australia and New Zealand. According to Johnson in a recent interview, he credits his success to Combs (via Johnson said that there were people there on the tour watching the show who knew all his songs, including those that he wrote back when he was still self-releasing his music.

“People knew every word to every song,” Cody said. “So big thank you to Luke for that, friend-to-friend, he’s done a lot for me.”

How Luke Combs helped Cody Johnson

Luke Combs used his platform to put over Cody Johnson. Luke called Cody “The Baddest Dude in Country Music.” Cody also said he is patterning his 2024 and 2025 after Luke’s touring career. He is hitting a lot of international territories, including Canada, Brazil, the U.K., Australia, and more.

According to Cody, it was Luke who opened these doors for him. Cody said that Luke opening these doors has helped take “his career, that I’ve worked so hard for, to the next level.” While he said that he owes Cody for opening the doors, his assistance also apparently helped with his first single from the new album Leather.

Cody said that when he released “The Painter” from Leather, it opened up new doors for him. He said that he felt he would never outgrow the venues he was always playing in the United States. Thanks to that single, and the help of Luke Combs, he is finally getting his chance to perform all over the world.

“There’s going to be a lot of new music, a lot of streaming, a lot of new fans,” Johnson said. “We have a lot of new opportunities because of that record and because of Warner Nashville’s hard work that they’ve put into it.”

This is big for Cody Johnson, who said that Nashville didn’t accept him when he was playing as an indie artist from Texas. That made the help and assistance from a name like Luke Combs so valuable.

What are your thoughts about Cody Johnson paying tribute to Luke Combs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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