Cody Johnson’s New Album Missing One Iconic Duet

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Although he won two awards for his song “Til You Can’t,” country singer Cody Johnson originally broke into the music industry in 2006, creating a band with his father. The singer’s career exploded with him promoting his newest album, Leather. With fans excited about the release in November, Johnson revealed to fans that he would be kicking off a Leather Tour in 2024. With an album and tour on the way, it seems while fans were excited, they noticed one famed country singer missing from the lineup.

While Leather features Cody Johnson singing alongside top talents like Brooks & Dunn and Jelly Roll, fans are wondering what happened to his duet with Carrie Underwood. Throughout the creation of the album, Johnson hinted at a special duet with Underwood, having fans thrilled about what the pair could create. But when the lineup was released, their duet was nowhere to be seen.

The Mysterious Carrie Underwood Duet

Back in March, Cody Johnson revealed some details surrounding the Underwood duet. “It’s done. We have no clue when it’s gonna come out. It’s on a 24-track record. So, I’ll probably break that record up somewhere. Maybe a Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and we’ll see where it fits in, but it’s all about Carrie’s timing…”

With the entire list of Leather’s songs released, it shows there are only 12 songs on the album. As Cody Johnson admitted to a 24-track record, he detailed how the record will be split in two, with the second one coming with a deluxe version of Leather in 2024. But will the Carrie Underwood duet be on it? Johnson reassured fans, “You will see it. I just don’t know when.”

Cody Johnson Talks Inspiration

Being a former bull rider, it appears Cody Johnson took some inspiration from his own life when creating the cover for Leather. The singer explained how he continues to ride and rope when he isn’t in the studio.

Surprisingly, it was working that led to the cover art. He told Billboard, “I was working at the ranch that day, so I told my photographer Chris Douglas to come over. That’s blood and hair in that picture from castrating bulls and giving them shots that day. We didn’t stage any of that. We got started at 5:00 a.m. and worked all day and he ended up getting some incredible photos while we were working.”

As for the theme of Leather, Cody Johnson noted that it focused on authenticity. “People appreciate authenticity, whether it’s me being a cowboy and singing something that reminds people of 90s country stuff they grew up on… Authenticity is the common thread.”

With just a few weeks left, are you excited for Leather? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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