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Even more than country music’s “McGraw machine” hitmaker, Tim McGraw, loves a great a song, he cherishes his mega-talented bride of nearly 25 years, Faith Hill, and their three independent, generous, and uniquely-gifted grown daughters.  The eldest, Gracie, 24, is an ambassador for self-esteem and body acceptance through her significant social media following.  Her candor and courage in sharing the ups and downs of pursuing her dreams in acting and singing earn her much admiration.  Of course, Tim McGraw proudly proved his daughter’s vocal prowess, passing on a clip of a tender duet for her birthday salute in May.

While, middle daughter, Maggie, maintains her focus toward more academic pursuits recently, already completing her undergraduate and Master’s degrees at Stanford (both by age 22), it seems like little sister, Audrey, 19, leaps into the acting world with a moving debut, as American Songwriter and Taste of Country confirm.   Not surprisingly, dad Tim McGraw doesn’t mind riding shotgun with his baby girl beauty in his first theatrical-version video since 2018, for the song, “7500 OBO.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill display leading lady pride in Audrey

Without a doubt, concert fans celebrate Tim McGraw’s rousing love and devotion for beloved vehicles in his repertoire of songs. “Truck Yeah,” “Red Ragtop,” and even the memorable verses of “Something’s Broken” from Live Like You Were Dying, echo with references to everything from fond memories of love and freedom down the highway to comparing the “smokin’” “shankin’” and “chokin’” of “my old truck” to a broken heart.

On the contrary, fans assuredly forgive Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for their beaming hearts over their youngest daughter’s film debut.  Posing next to her Papa against the mechanical castmate taking the part of the “06 stick shift dark blue F-150” (even if the shade looks a little off), Audrey is a beauty.

“Couldn’t be more thrilled to have my youngest daughter, Audrey, play the lead role in the music video for #7500OBO!”  the delighted dad captions the photo.  Audrey McGraw’s lovely cascading brunette curls fail to conceal her joy.  On the other hand, Tim McGraw’s smile seems to reflect every minute of the joy and tears in raising his little girl to their co-starring moment.

As for mama, Faith Hill, she writes “So proud of these two.  Our baby girl Audrey has grown up.”  Understandably, the “Breathe” songstress throws in five hearts to seal her comments.  It’s easy to imagine Tim McGraw tearing up at reading his wife’s words, too, seeing as he’s usually the more emotional parent.

So much more than a pretty face

Tim McGraw never seems to consider himself a worthy songwriter.  He’s only recorded seven of his own songs, saying that for the singer, “the song always wins” over the composer.  Nonetheless, anyone who reads any of the Country king’s words in honor of Faith Hill or his daughters on a birthday or anniversary finds heartfelt meaning as deep as any great country love song.

As evidence of that truth, Country Music Alley captured the tributes from both parents to Audrey McGraw on her birthday last December.   Soon after the Christmas holidays, Audrey left the nest to pursue her life-path, starting in NYC.

“This lil punkin’ has been a full-on million-watt light in our lives since today she arrived,” daddy Tim McGraw opens his comments. “You are so loved by everyone who knows you,” McGraw stresses before reassuring how much her parents and sisters “love and adore you.”

Beyond pure fatherly devotion, Tim McGraw praises Audrey as “a steadfast friend” and someone “always willing to listen and learn.”  The father reminds that the combination to “lead with your solid gold heart” and “work your tail off” virtually always mean success.  “I admire you,” her Pop closes.

On the maternal side, Faith Hill recalls the love and prayers that called down heaven for the safe and healthy arrival of her daughter. “Her sisters gave her so much love and protection that she knew she would have wings to fly to any dream that she could imagine,” Hill shares.  Audrey’s love of Lennon- McCartney classics prompted full-performance concerts of Across the Universe, “100 times, maybe more,” as mom reflects.  Like her sisters, Audrey has a cheering section like no other in her family, even when Tim McGraw isn’t the casting director.

Back to the future for Tim McGraw

The video treatment for “7500 OBO” premieres Friday, August 13.  YouTube Premium subscribers get an added treat of an after-party with special attention and features with the stars.  The song about the seller’s ad that details every possible appealing feature for the truck is one of the standouts from Here On Earth.  Tim McGraw is masterful with the cadence of the verses in the R&B-rock riff-infused ballad.

The new transmission and the tires with lots of good treads left never make up for the departure of the one who’s “fixin’ her lips in the drop-down mirror.” Tim McGraw sings “Pretty little thing made it hard to steer,” which also applies to a father and a daughter.  Luckily, unlike in the song, and fathers don’t ever have to let go of daughters in the same painful way as they do lovers.  Viewers are in for a fun treat to see how Audrey interprets the time-capsule character who spurns her dad!

Speaking of time travel, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill portray the Dutton family patriarch and matriarch in 1883, the Yellowstone prequel, slated for sometime in November on Paramount.   Whether he’s recapturing history or savoring every sweet moment of the present, performing with his daughter, Tim McGraw never wastes a second or a song.

What new music or new videos have you excited?  Let us hear from you in the comments, and stay tuned into Country Music Alley for the latest updates on the artists and the music they make!

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