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Jelly Roll has had more than his fair share of regret in his life. Most of that regret revolves around his arrest and incarceration. He also has a lot of regret about turning his body into a canvas with all the tattoos he has gotten since he was a teenager. Despite that, among all of his tattoos, there is one he does not regret. It is his most meaningful tattoo.

The Tattoos Jelly Roll Regrets

According to Jelly Roll, he regrets about 98% of his tattoos. The “Son Of A Sinner” singer stated he wished he had never gotten the majority of the tattoos he has now. Many of those have been covered up with other tattoos, but, sadly, he is still having to wear many of them.

“I don’t know, I hate ’em all,” the country megastar said. Jelly Roll admitted he got “tons” of tattoos when he was in jail.

One of the tattoos he regrets is the tattoo of the Nashville skyline. This tattoo was supposed to be captioned with “Surving The Struggle.” However, there was a huge spelling mistake. The tattoo artist left out a letter in the word “struggle.” Instead of reading “struggle,” the tattoo reads “sruggle.” Thankfully, that specific tattoo has been covered up.

“And now I’m 40 I’m like, what the f—k was I thinking?” Jelly said.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

Jelly Roll And Elvis

Another tattoo Jelly Roll regrets is the one on his back. When his wife, Bunnie Xo, first saw it, she wanted to know why he had a tattoo of Elvis on his back. This surprised him.

The tattoo is actually a tattoo of Jesus on the Cross. Instead of it looking like Jesus, it looks like Elvis. He regrets getting it. He has yet to have that specific tattoo covered up.


Yeah, that was really was a tattoo of a baby smoking weed #jellyroll #country

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The Facial Tattoos

Jelly Roll does not remember which one of his many facial tattoos was the first one he got. There are too many of them for him to even remember.

Many of the tattoos he has gotten were done when he was in prison. Quite a few of them were done when he was still a teenager. It is difficult for the “I Need A Favor” singer to remember when he got his tattoos or even why he made the choice to get them.

“The ones that were really bad have already been covered up,” Jelly Roll stated. He admitted his tattoos are a “little excessive.”

Jelly Roll And His Most Meaningful Tattoo

Jelly Roll does have at least one tattoo he does not regret. It is the most meaningful tattoo to him. Surprisingly, it is one of his facial tattoos.

Jelly Roll’s most meaningful tattoo is the cross that is on his right cheek. “It was symbolic of a change in me,” the “Save Me” singer admitted.

Jelly Roll admitted the tattoo was to “a constant reminder” to him. He got that tattoo to remind himself he needs to carry his own cross in life just “as the good book says.”

Tell us what you think. What do you think of the tattoo on his back that looks like Elvis when it should look like Jesus? Are your surprised Jelly Roll’s most meaningful tattoo is one of his facial tattoos? Sound off in the comments below.


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