Sara Evans Announces Reconciliation With Ex-Husband

Sara Evans
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Country music superstar, Sara Evans, has just announced she has reconciled with her ex-husband. The “Suds In The Bucket” singer divorced Jay Barker in 2022. Despite their divorce and the reason for that divorce, the two have made the decision to give their relationship another try.

Sara Evans And Jay Barker

Sara Evans and Jay Barker were married in 2008. Evans is a country music superstars. She is known for her songs “No Place That Far,” “The Knot Comes Untied” as well as “Cupid.” Jay Barker is known as radio personality. Before that, he was a professional football player.

The couple were first separated in 2021. Their divorce did not happen until the next year, in 2022. The reason for their divorce shocked and horrified fans of Sara Evans.

The Reason For Their Divorce

The reason Sara Evans divorced Jay Barker is truly terrifying. Jay Barker tried to run Evans down and her daughter with his truck. The incident happened after Barker had a verbal altercation with Sara Evans’ daughter.

“Then he jumped in his truck, and he [was] sort of backing up at a very high speed. I knew Jay, so I didn’t feel the same way that my child felt,” Sara Evans explained. “My child thought he was gonna plow our car down, that he was backing up towards our car, and that she was about to watch something horrific, or at the very least, an accident, which would have been his truck hitting my side of the car, where I was in the front seat. She was terrified.”

Jay Barker’s Arrest And Conviction

Obviously, the police were called to the scene. Jay Barker had already left before they arrived. Sara Evans texted her husband, telling him a warrant had been issued for his arrest. He returned home later that night. That was when he was arrested.

Jay Barker was charged with  felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He ended up entering a “best interest” plea in June of 2022. That plea lead to a misdemeanor charge. He was found guilty of reckless endangerment, not a felony. It has been reported Barker was sentenced to one year of probation.

History Of Domestic Violence

This was not the first time Jay Barker had gotten violent with Sara Evans. There was a history of domestic violence in their marriage.

Sara Evans carefully hid the domestic violence from her children. She did not want them to know what their mother was going through. This is probably why her daughter was so shocked when Jay Barker tried to run them over.

Sara Evans ‘Tiptoed’ Back Into The Relationship

Sara Evans was very careful when she made the decision to try to work things out with Jay Barker. She set specific ground rules to their reconciliation. One of those ground rules was extensive therapy.

Despite their less-than-perfect history, Evans feels getting back together with her ex-husband is the right thing to do. “He’s just gorgeous, he’s funny, we have so much in common,” she explained. “We feel the same about everything, raising kids, family structures, politics, religion, everything. We just love each other. We’re best friends.”

“A lot of women will judge me and want to judge me. When he said, ‘But you are still my wife,’ I don’t know. I just melted because I thought, ‘I am still your wife, and we can talk if we want to. We’re both adults,’” Sara Evans stated. “So I texted him back and I think I just said something short and sweet like, ‘How are you? I’m on the road’ and we sort of tiptoed back to each other.”

Tell us what you think. Did you know about Sara Evans, her husband and the domestic violence she endured? How do you feel about the two of getting back together? Sound off in the comment section below.

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