Fans Compare Carrie Underwood’s Outfit To ‘Hefty Bag’

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Carrie Underwood attended the Southbound Tequila Launch party wearing a questionable outfit and Reddit is not going to let her live it down.

Short History Of Carrie Underwood

Carrie is a 40-year-old American singer from Oklahoma. Like many modern celebrities, she owes her fame to American Idol after winning the fourth season in 2005. Underwood released her first single in June of 2005 titled “Inside Your Heaven,” which immediately hit the top charts. However, the singer has been making music since 2001. Now, her most popular songs are arguably “Before He Cheats” and “Jesus Take The Wheel.” Carrie Underwood has made quite the name for herself as she is now a well-respected name in the music industry.

Since that point, Carrie Underwood’s career has been full of success and luxury. When she isn’t at fancy events, Carrie is performing her music live or spending time with her husband of 13 years, Mike Fisher, and her two sons. Though she does not have many concerts left for 2023, there are dozens of performances already lined up for 2024.

Carrie Underwood Attends Southbound Tequila Launch Party

On October 25, 2023, Ivey Childers hosted a large party for her new top-tier tequila. Carrie Underwood and many other celebrities were invited, and many attended. Images were caught of Carrie with a group of 5. Included in that group were Brad Paisley, Kim Paisley, Ivey Childers, Mark Childers, and Mike Fisher. Carrie is wearing a black leather-textured jumpsuit. The outfit is loose-fitting and baggy, though it does cinch in at the waist.

The event took place at Soho House Nashville in Tennessee and had a very successful turnout according to many images at the event. Brandi Cyrus DJ’d the event, on top of a performance from the Reed Pittman Jazz Trio. Many other celebrities attended including Cody Alan, Trea Smith, Jay Cutler, Charles Esten, Ryan Santi, and Austin Sherman. The party was elegant and fancy, and clearly built for fellow famed people.

Reddit Drags Carrie

Members of r/CelebWivesofNashville on the social platform Reddit are back at it again with the roasts. This time, it’s Carrie’s turn. User Rbk_3 posted an image of Underwood with 5 others at the Southbound Tequila launch party. The user wasn’t focused on anyone’s outfits, but the comments were! This is what people had to say about Carrie Underwood’s fit:

“Lmao @ Carrie’s leather mechanic jumpsuit wtf is that.” –u/SBAC850211

“Wtf is Carrie wearing? Contractor’s trash bag chic? 😂” –u/NewHampshireGal

“Is she wearing a disposal bag?” –u/ifbowshadcrosshairs

“…you got all that money and chose that? Girl we know you can dress better.” –u/Autism_Mom-0526

I haven’t seen these two hanging out in a long time
by inCelebWivesofNashville

Perhaps it’s the loose fit or the reflective texture, but Carrie Underwood’s outfit does resemble that of a black trash bag. But is her outfit really THAT bad? Maybe Reddit users were too harsh, as they typically are. What do you think?

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