Shania Twain Reflects On Her Risky Moves For Video

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Like many other country music singers, Shania Twain is not shy about voicing her opinions and letting her feelings be known. This is especially true when she wants her music and her music videos to make a statement she feels strongly about. After 25 years, Shania Twain is taking the time to reflect on some of her risky moves for one of her iconic music videos.

Shania Twain And Her Wardrobe Choices

Shania Twain made some bold choices when it came to her wardrobe choices she wore in her now-iconic “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” music video. She didn’t wear the typical clothing that was being worn by the women in country music in 1999. The “Any Man Of Mine” singer was pushing boundaries and turning heads.

The goal of the wardrobe used in “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” was not for Shania Twain to look like a man. It was so the artist could express how gender roles were changing and evolving, without women having to give up their feminine side. For Shania Twain, the music video was all about “liberation” and “independence.”

“We wanted to make something unexpected and the role reversal was the vision,” Shania Twain explained.

Shania Twain/Credit: YouTube

During the first part of the video, the only bit of femininity Shania Twain is showing is the veil on her top hat. As the “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” singer “stripped down,” her feminine side was definitely seen. By the end of the video, Twain is wearing only a black corset, black mini skirt and black fishnet stocking. Of course, she had not removed her black top hat.

Even the stripping down had a message from Shania Twain. “I wanted it to evolve with the peeling away layers of clothes, like layers of this person coming off and revealing a different side of my inner self,” she continued. “I wanted [the outfit] to show and say so much more than just man and woman — there’s a whole area in between,” she explained.

Shania Twain Helps Empower Women

The risky move made by Shania Twain, for her, was all about empowerment. Even the art department for the music video was skeptical, saying her outfit was “way too sexy.” They didn’t think her female fans would like it. The art department was concerned women would “feel threatened.” Twain stuck to her guns and she was right. Women understood the message in the music.

The “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” music video was an opportunity for Twain to not only help empower women, but to also empower herself. It was an opportunity for her to empower herself as a woman and a country music singer.

“I was standing up for myself through the song. I wasn’t being apologetic for all of the things I had been criticized for in my life,” Twain said, adding that she was often told things like “….you can’t wear that, that’s too tight, that’s too short.”

With Empowerment Comes Criticism

Many fans of country music were not happy with Shania. They either did not like the message she sending or they completely misunderstood her message. Either way, there were not happy with the country music megastar’s risky moves.

“We were taking country music to a place it hadn’t been before and some people didn’t like that,” Twain said.

She was pushing boundaries and expanding country music. Shania Twain is proud of doing those things. She has no regrets about any of the risks she took when she made the video.

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