Billy Ray Cyrus Claims Firerose Isolated Him From Kids

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Billy Ray Cyrus is now claiming that his estranged wife, Firerose was the one who isolated him from his kids. After he and the Australian performer shared that they were romantically linked, he became estranged from some of his kids. They all went and supported their mother, Tish Cyrus, and now it seems to make sense why this may have transpired. Keep reading for more details.

Billy Ray Cyrus Claims Firerose Isolated Him From Kids

After filing twice, the third time was the charm for Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. They had been together for three decades and even though Tish filed for divorce two times, the couple seemed to reconcile. Finally, when she filed for the third time in early 2022, it was time to end the marriage and move on. He was linked to Firerose whom he had known for over a decade. They eventually did not hide their love and then became engaged by the end of 2022. Tish moved on with Dominic Purcell and the following year, both couples tied the knot.

Billy Ray Cyrus & Firerose-Instagram
Billy Ray Cyrus & Firerose-Instagram

Sadly, Tish and Billy Ray’s daughter, Miley Cyrus distanced herself from her father and was closer than ever to her mom. The couple’s youngest daughter, Noah Cyrus appeared to be on very good terms with her father. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Miley. She even cut her dad out of her first Grammy speech. Now, Billy Ray has filed for an annulment from Firerose and is citing that she is the reason he was cut off from his daughter.

According to Life & Style, Billy Ray amended his recent filing and added this:

“Additionally, since the Plaintiff filed his initial complaint, he discovered that the defendant had been conducting a campaign to isolate the Plaintiff from his family. He has discovered that the Defendant, unknowingly to Plaintiff, blocked at least one (1) of his daughters from being able to contact him on his phone(s) or electronic devices.”

Now, it is unclear which daughter since he has Brandi, Miley, and Noah. Either way, there was already tension with Miley. So, to cause further issues with his children when it is already so sensitive is unconscionable.

Hot Mess Situation

Aside from Billy Ray Cyrus claiming that Firerose has tried to isolate him from his children, things are getting worse in their split. He alleged that she spent nearly $100K in two weeks on his credit card without his consent. More so, he asked for a restraining order against her. So, she has alleged Billy Ray subjected her to: “extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse.” Billy Ray’s legal team clapped back, stating that Firerose desperately tried to get her husband back. So, they have a lot of he said/she said drama right now and it just keeps mounting.

Do you believe that Firerose is the reason why Billy Ray may be estranged from his family? Or, is he putting the blame on her to escape any wrongdoing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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