Billy Ray Cyrus’ Estranged Wife Details Control He Had Over Her

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Billy Ray Cyrus’ estranged wife, Firerose, is detailing the control that he had over her. Though he has his own claims about their seven-month marriage, she is now fighting back. So, what does the Australian musician have to say? Keep reading for all of the details.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Estranged Wife Details Control He Had Over Her

When Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose performed their first duet in 2021, they clearly had chemistry. Then, in early 2022, his wife, Tish Cyrus filed for divorce for the third time. They had not been living together for some time and within a handful of months of the filing, Billy Ray and Firerose seemed to be an item. By the end of the year, the two were engaged and then they tied the knot at the end of 2023. The duo appeared incredibly happy and as if they had found their missing piece. Sadly, after seven months, Billy Ray filed for an annulment and if he could not get that, a divorce would be fine.

Billy Ray Cyrus & Firerose-Instagram
Billy Ray Cyrus & Firerose-Instagram

He alleged that she alienated him from his family plus said she ran up his credit cards without his consent. More so, Billy Ray claimed Firerose cheated on him but she is firing back and has her own side to spill. According to Page Six, it seems that Billy Ray may have not been a saint. She claims she was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene so she has a high risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, she was scheduled to get a double mastectomy but one that day, Billy Ray threw her out of their home.


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She shared this:

“Billy had very strict rules. I didn’t have a car. I was only allowed to go to the local chiropractor and allowed once a month to get my nails done … it was systematic isolation and I couldn’t find the courage to leave.”

Firerose added that her family and friends were not allowed to come by. At the same time, Billy Ray Cyrus alleged she alienated him from his children. She shared that if she wanted to send a text or email, she had to first read it aloud. A good friend of Firerose’s added:

“It felt like Firerose was in a prison that she didn’t sign up for.”

The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t

Firerose shared that the stress of what she was going through and what she was hiding caused her to pass out two days before she wed Billy Ray Cyrus in October 2023. It led to her being hospitalized but she admits she was afraid to speak. More so, her future husband would often give her the silent treatment. This would last hours but could go on for days at a time. They first met when she was 22 and he led her to believe that they were meant to be. Yet, he never filed for divorce and they did not see each other for a decade. Finally, they reconnected but he wanted her to keep everything hush-hush.

Tish Cyrus filed for divorce which blindsided Firerose as she had assumed this was already in the works. She noted that he was a “great manipulator” but she would never have dated a married man had she known the truth. Sadly, Firerose alleges that Billy Ray became verbally abusive:

“He would rage at me, shout at me at the top of his lungs. He would terrify me, yelling, ‘You stupid dumb f–ing b–ch, crazy w–re.’ It was illogical and insane and terrifying.”

It has become such a back-and-forth situation and she really seems to have no idea who the real Billy Ray Cyrus is. Maybe no one does at this point. Do you believe what Firerose has to say or are you on Billy Ray’s side? Let us know in the comments below.

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