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Sheryl Crow doesn’t look much older than she did 25 years ago when the singer-songwriter snagged her first armload of Grammy awards.  Sheryl soon became a musical fixture across every genre after her golden nods for “All I Wanna Do.”  The bouncy ballad with its tagline referring to “the sun coming up on Santa Monica Blvd.” wouldn’t be the first song to paint her as a California girl.

In truth, Sheryl Crow has common sense, Mid-America roots. She was raised to speak out about causes that she held passionately.  That same sense of conviction is what propelled the stellar guitarist and single mom of two boys to revisit a song she recorded in 2012.   “Woman in the White House” is even more relevant today than in its original time. And as Crow related on Today, she feels the time is now to make the song’s title come true.

As for being the title of a Tim McGraw song, Sheryl Crow is purely delighted, even if the country superstar didn’t ask her permission.  The tune is so great, she let the formalities slide and even sent a sweet note.

Sheryl Crow’s social passion comes from bipartisan sources

Dolly Parton was just one among the country music superstars who paid homage to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after her recent passing.  To think that it’s 2020 and the outspoken champion for women’s rights and equal justice is the first woman (and the first Jewish person) to lie in state at the Capitol is beyond imagination.  Sheryl Crow dreamed that a woman could be in the West Wing eight years ago.

“Woman in the White House” was “one of the B-sides all the Feels Like Home record in 2012,” Sheryl relates.  Considering the timeliness of the anthem for today’s headlines and the stakes in the current presidential race, refurbishment is a refreshing reminder.

“We’re a great country, we’re forward-thinking. We’re prosperous,” she says. But Sheryl Crow laments that, unlike many other similar countries, “We haven’t had a woman sitting in THAT seat, with leading this country.” In addition to that message, Crow wants to urge “women to vote for women” and to understand the power of voting.  “We’ve had opportunities before,” the artist stresses.  “We need to think about where we want this country to go.”

A real-life Atticus Finch

Social media can be a minefield and Sheryl Crow is very aware of those who say “Shut up and sing,” and leave political views to herself.  That stance doesn’t sit too well with the Missouri native, raised by “a Democrat and a Republican.” She describes her dad, a lawyer, as being “a lover of justice– as close to Atticus Finch as you could ever find.”  Raising her voice has always been “part of my fiber,” according to the artist.

Fans who love Sheryl Crow appreciate how she uses her music as a vehicle for calling attention to social injustice and inequality, and as a call to help. Her social passion runs as deep as her passion for music.

James Taylor’s truth inspired Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow stands toe-to-toe with the greatest guitarists of our generation. She’s had romantic interludes with the likes of Eric Clapton, among others. James Taylor an artist who has inspired her deeply.  Still, she was moved to learn the deeper story of “the poetry” created by James Taylor after hearing his audible project, “Break Shot.”

Sheryl Crow has shared the stage countless times with iconic artists like Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, and many more. But she confided that the  “big machines” surrounding many artists prevent people from knowing the sources of their joys, their pain, and their songs.

In addition to “Woman in the White House,” Sheryl Crow released a new video and version of her song, “Lonely Alone,” in tribute to Willie Nelson last month.  The tender ballad with Spanish guitars features Nelson.  Sheryl compliments that “I never feel closer to home than when I’m singing with him, and I know a lot of people feel the same way.”

Tim McGraw can put Sheryl Crow in a song anytime

Taylor Swift had her first big single with her song, “Tim McGraw.” The singer-songwriter famously sang the song to her subject and his wife, Faith Hill, at the 2007 ACM Awards.  Tim responded graciously.  Apparently, he expected the same graciousness from Sheryl Crow when her name was the title of the song from his latest album, “Here On Earth.”  He was not disappointed.

“You’re just like Sheryl Crow on the radio,” echo the lyrics, comparing his love to the music of the songstress.

“One song/ had to have the whole record/Gonna be stuck in my head forever.”  The chorus verse further describes “You pulled me in/ like a sun-soaked California winding road/ barefoot stripped-down rock ‘n roll.”

Crow confessed that McGraw never asked for permission to include the song about her, and she doesn’t mind.

“She sent me the sweetest e-mail,” Tim relayed in an interview with ABC News Radio last month.

“I’m totally embarrassed to say I love that song,” Sheryl gushed to Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones.  If anyone can understand the power of music to instantly take a person to an emotional place, Sheryl Crow can.  “It’s a beautiful song,” she concludes.  The “If It Makes You Happy” singer is certainly not unhappy about this gesture.

Let’s hope that a Sheryl Crow-Tim McGraw duet might land on the musical docket one day soon.

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