Dolly Parton Doesn’t Deny Her Passion for Potatoes, Cherishes Christmas Duet with Brother Randy

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Anyone not in a cheery holiday mood in mid-October can’t blame Dolly Parton. The country music legend has been busy since the summer collaborating with special singing partners for her album, “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” The collection is the superstar’s first all-new Christmas music offering in 30 years, and playful duets with friends like Jimmy Fallon make it all the more a treasure.

Her brand-new Netflix Christmas musical, Christmas on the Square, debuts November 22 on the subscription platform.  Fans can look forward to 14 Dolly Parton originals on the soundtrack.  The legend also has a  pivotal part in the story, portraying the angel who intervenes to transform the heart of Christine Baranski. The beloved Broadway star and leading lady in The Good Fight portrays Regina Fuller, a “rich a nasty woman” who has a change of heart over implementing her plan to evict all the townspeople from the place she called home after her father’s death.

Dolly Parton believes in divine providence, in her movies and in real-life.  She also thinks potatoes are a heavenly delight, as ABC News noted.  Pounds never show on the petite musical powerhouse never slows down.  She also savored the special blessing of singing with her brother, Randy, on one song with a poignant meaning, as Parton related to Yahoo.

Potatoes are a dieting pitfall for Dolly Parton

“Every diet I ever fell off of has been because of a potato,” Dolly Parton willingly admitted as part of Wired’s “Autocomplete Interview.“  Whether it was French Fries, mashed potatoes, or baked potatoes, Parton laments that it was “Potato, potato, potato!” that provoked every diet pull out.  “I never met a spud I didn’t like,” the singer-songwriter adds.

Dolly Parton lovers and listeners completely relate to those feelings for the underground produce. The star’s Guinness World Record musical success is matched by her wizardry in the kitchen.  Dolly is the first to say that she’s no gourmet, but she doesn’t need anything frozen or from a box.  The 74-year-old country girl can still cook up the most sumptuous dishes in her own kitchen.

Country girl, Dolly Parton, can survive and dine

“You better believe I’m a really, really good cook,” Dolly openly asserts.  She relates that her cuisine is on the rustic side, nothing gourmet. “My food is not pretty, but it’s good.”  Many Dolly Parton recipes are replicated at her Dollywood theme park, and she strives to give every visitor the feeling of eating like family at her home.

The best recipes are seldom written down on paper.  They come from the sensibility and intuition of seeing them prepared and perfected through generations.  Dolly Parton draws on her roots in her cooking.  “I cook like my mom, my grandmas, and my aunts,” the singer credits.  She calls her genuine style “soul food cooking.”

Dolly Parton doesn’t deny that her down-home food “has a lot of calories in it.” Usually, that makes the trade-off for the comfort it brings even more worth it, especially during these quarantined holidays to come.  “I can’t eat it all the time anymore,” the singer admits, but stresses “I love to cook.”

Home cooks who want to fill their kitchen with more Dolly Parton touches can check out her new 2020 line at Williams-Sonoma.  Music and something to munch on mix perfectly.

A duet with Dolly Parton and her brother, Randy, has a ‘real-life’ story

The Christmas season revolves around family, friends, and memories, whether dear ones are living or passed.  The imprints remain on the heart.  One of the memories that Dolly Parton recalled became a springboard for the song, “You Are My Christmas,” from the new album.

The Parton clan would always clamor for one of the “walking, talking dolls”– the ones that do everything– at Christmas.  Faithful Dolly fans will remember that each member of the brood of 11 would choose one special item from a catalog or the store.  A year of work and sacrifice would go into those purchases, as depicted in the TV adaptation, Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, and its follow-up the next season.  Some relatives had the means to afford the toy, but it was out of reach for Dolly’s family.

When Randy Parton was born, it was just around Christmas time.  Dolly remembers her mama, declaring that “We’ve got your own walking, talking doll,” one that “cries real tears” and “pees real pee.”

It’s very evident that the bond between Dolly Parton and Randy Parton held firm.  The love and harmonies on the upbeat Christmas tune are pure Parton.  Randy’s daughter, Heidi, even chimes in with vocal highlights.  Randy sang with Dolly back in 1980, on “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You,” so this singing treat was long overdue.

Whether fans are preparing a Christmas feast or by the stereo in the quiet, they’ll be thinking of Dolly Parton all Christmas.

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