Mickey Guyton Awaits Valentine Joy as a Baby Boy Mama

Mickey Guyton
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Mickey Guyton has been living in her much-deserved country music moment over the past several months.  She’s singing her most powerful songs from the biggest stages ever, and doing it all as an expectant mother.  The singer-songwriter announced in late August that she and her husband, Grant Savoy, were awaiting their first child.

Even though the news put the surprised mom in shock, she exuded love in her social media post over the joyous news, relating how even the darkest moments, “God always finds a way to shine His light on the beautiful side of life,” Mickey Guyton assured, especially when rejoicing for the new life within her.

The radiant mom to be looked lovelier than any Madonna in a portrait last month, when she gave the most powerful performance of this year’s 2020 ACM Awards, singing “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” Tim McGraw did the honors of introducing Mickey Guyton, while Keith Urban accompanied her on piano. No one in earshot anywhere, across the national virtual audience, could ignore the song’s message of the struggles and prejudices women face, just for being female.

This morning, October 14, Mickey Guyton has something to tell everyone, as People reports.  The powerhouse singer and her attorney hubby are parents of a baby boy.  The blessed family addition will be welcomed in February, as the best Valentine ever!

A Valentine gift from above for Mickey Guyton

The birth of a firstborn son certainly tops any floral bouquet or box of chocolates. “This baby is an absolute miracle,” Mickey Guyton gushes as a first-time mom at 37. When Mickey first got the official confirmation or her pregnancy, the singer confesses that she had to “reprogram” her brain to accept that she could balance a career and a family.  The message got through because Guyton has been busier than ever since.  She is also one of the stars performing next week at the CMT Awards on October 21.

While the mommy is overjoyed with the blessing, she can’t deny the pressures of being a parent to a black son in these times of turbulence.

“I’ve seen racial injustice happen to my husband,” asserts the singer.  Mickey Guyton has even had her own “Karen” experience, involving a woman who made false claims and said “some of the most heinous things,” including racial slurs, directed at her devoted other half.

“I’m growing this Black child in my belly that is going to have to face this,” Mickey Guyton states openly.  “I pray for him.”

Her little son already has a promise from Mickey Guyton

Motherhood is still a little surreal for Mickey Guyton, so she can be forgiven for going between calling her boy “him” and “it” in conversation.  The magnificent singer is very clear about what she wants for her son.

“I just want this baby to have its own life and have its own choices,” she assures, and Mickey Guyton also promises that “I will accept this baby for who or whatever it chooses to be.  I just want to support it in every way I can.”  The unbreakable bond between, mother, father, and son only grows stronger from the sound of the baby’s first cry.

History-making and a heavenly plea from Mickey Guyton

The youngest little Savoy has awhile before he takes his first breath and feels the caress from his parents. His mommy, though, is already part of country music history, being the first black woman to perform at the ACM Awards.

Mickey Guyton isn’t shy about saying that her newfound strength since writing the anthem, “Black Like Me,” which echoes the wrongful tragedy in the loss of so many lives lost into her own story of growing up different.  Many social media sites credit Guyton’s hometown as Arlington, Texas, but the singer is just as familiar with the dusty gravel roads and livestock pens in Waco, where her relatives raised and trained horses.  She didn’t need to be groomed to sound “country” when she came on the scene 10 years ago.   She is authentic country. Mickey wants to make sure that the roots of country music start in Africa, where the banjo was born.

Staying strong for more than herself

Now that she has everyone listening, Mickey Guyton wants to use her platform to fight for greater radio airplay for all women in country music.  Even during this feminine-rich awards season, there is still only one female artist among the Top 20 in radio airplay. Female artists get only 10 to 20% of radio airplay compared to their male counterparts.  Guyton devotes much of her time to mentoring women of color who want to break into country music.  She collaborates with an Indian singer who will be part of her next album.

“I’ve been beaten down pretty hard, but I’m not scared anymore,” Mickey Guyton declares. The soaring singer adds that “if people are upset with something I have to say, I’m doing something right.” Breaking free from the Nashville “system” to write and stand in her own truth brought a breakthrough.  Guyton reminds people to never lose hope in her latest song, “Heaven Down Here.” Mickey released a new video to accompany the song and wants to reaffirm to her fans that hope never vanishes, not even through the roughest days.

Mickey Guyton is excited about her son’s destiny

With so many creative country music fires going for Mickey Guyton, the new mother hasn’t yet devoted much time to setting up her nursery.  She doesn’t put much stock into the countless “how-to” books on motherhood, either.  She understands already that no one besides her beautiful baby boy will be perfect, and she’s ready for on-the-job training.

One thing is sure—no little one will have sweeter lullabies sung to him, along with a repertoire of the greatest country hits, floating into his ears.

“Knowing that this life has its own destiny, its own soul, its own everything– I’m just the vessel…” It’s crazy to think about.”

“Crazy” is another giant country song, sung by the giant Patsy Cline.  Motherhood is a task that becomes giant and crazy for every brave woman.  Don’t be surprised if Mickey Guyton writes her own epic song about raising a son.


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