Mickey Guyton Shares Tears of Joy at News of History-Making Grammy Nomination

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Tuesday, November 24, was already a big day for Mickey Guyton.  The stellar singer-songwriter took the stage and stepped into her own truth like never before through the past two years.

She pledged to write and sing only what rang true for her rather than write or choose “other people’s songs” under the Nashville system.  As Harlan Howard defined it, “Country music is three chords and the truth,” and the up-and-coming singer’s pure talent and authentic truth came together perfectly for her 2020.

It was special enough that Mickey Guyton was one of the presenters for the 2021 Grammy Award nominees.  She was naming the honored performers in the Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Roots, and Spoken Word categories.  The unsuspecting Mickey got her own marvelous surprise just before her “on-air” announcements, as seen in the social media share from the artist.  Beyond the joy and vindication of her 10-year journey in her genre, Mickey Guyton made music history. She’s the first black woman solo artist to earn a Grammy nod in a country music category, as the Los Angeles Times noted.

The songstress couldn’t hold back her joyful tears.  2021 is already off to a bright start for this star.

These tears have perfect timing

Mickey Guyton dressed in a satiny, Evergreen-shade blouse for her Grammy presentation.    Her clip obviously makes it clear that the singer needs to hear a special message.  “I don’t know if I can even hear this right now,” she speaks to those around her.  Suddenly, a close member of her team screams joyfully that “Black Like Me” is nominated.   The news is better than any Christmas present under the tree for the singer.

Her tears were already flowing as she watches a replay on a screen.  “I’m pregnant and super-hormonal, but thank you,” the 37-year-old expectant mommy declares.   Mickey Guyton allows herself another emotional pause before the confirmation of her first-ever Grammy nomination for best solo performance by a female in country music. “Enjoy this, and we hope to see you at the Grammys on January 31,” congratulates the source.

In her own words to accompany the moment, Mickey Guyton writes that the nomination “is for every black girl that felt unseen.  She adds “unheard” and feeling not “enough” before expressing how it feels to be “shoved in a corner and completely unconsidered.”   “This is for them,” Mickey Guyton closes, with her thanks to the Recording Academy.

An honor too special for words

In her official statement, Mickey Guyton echoed that she was “speechless” over the recognition. She further described that the nomination as  “a testament to never give up and to live your truth.”

“I can’t think of a better song to make history with than ‘Black Like Me,’” Guyton continued.  She has taken on the mantle of advocating for anyone marginalized in the industry, as well as the mission to “open doors for women and people who look like me.” The straightforward artist has also joined the movement for radio airplay parity for female artists of every color. In many markets, even the biggest names in female country music get only 15% in the playlist rotations. Mickey Guyton is turning her long-awaited moment into a mission that may last a lifetime.

Is this another Dolly or divine providence moment for Mickey Guyton?

Dolly Parton is one of Mickey Guyton’s “sheros” in the country music industry.  She admires Parton’s incomparable gift for truth through every verse, from the pop hits to timeless country music classics. Guyton equally admires the conviction and strength that Dolly brings to all she does, including business dealings.

In 2016, Gayle King of CBS This Morning got in on a little surprise for Mickey Guyton, arranging a meeting between the country music legend and the best new artist nominee For the ACM Awards.  Let’s just say that neither one of these courageous, lovely ladies will ever forget the meeting. Now, Mickey Guyton is again part of history to never forget.

As it happens, Dolly Parton is one of the nominees Mickey Guyton announced Tuesday morning.  Parton is-nominated with Zach Williams in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Song category for “There Was Jesus.”  Perhaps Dolly just couldn’t resist sharing a little blessing with her friend.  Dolly is already an angel in the eyes of millions, besides playing one in her heartwarming movies. Mickey Guyton still remembers the turnoff on the Texas highway that took her to Mount Olive Baptist Church.  Divine providence is surely bringing plans to prosper beyond ways that good fortune alone never could for the songstress.

The dearest blessing is still on the way for Mickey Guyton

This Grammy nomination for Mickey Guyton is her second time to break into the history books in one year.  Her soul-penetrating performance of “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” was the first performance by a black woman from an ACM Award ceremony.

The Pointer Sisters’ 1976 song, “Live Your Life Before You Die,” was nominated in the category of Best Performance by a Duo or Group in the Country category.  Mickey Guyton is the first solo nomination for a black female.  The generous singing sisters have already sent congratulations via social media, and Mickey Guyton has offered thanks for “paving the way for me.”

Mickey Guyton wrote “Black Like Me” with Nathan Chapman, Fraser Churchhill and Emma Davidson-Dillion after all three collaborators spent a session sharing their struggles of life.  The artist and her husband, Grant Savoy, are preparing to welcome their son into the world in February.  As lovingly as the mother gushed over being “thankful to God to be this baby’s mom,” when she showed off her sonogram, Mickey Guyton knows her son will face struggles she wishes he’d never have to confront. Aside from holding her son, her dearest wish would be a world in which feeling “Black Like Me” was impossible.

Mickey Guyton could never predict that her personal, heartfelt anthem, “Black Like Me,” would go from her heart to her social media, then on to Spotify and streams that spoke to countless hearts before making its way to her EP, Bridges.

“Black Like Me” has brought Mickey Guyton to Grammy history, but it surely won’t be the last time she earns Grammy acclaim.


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