Just Because Dolly Parton and Carl Dean Are ‘Sick’ of Each Other Doesn’t Mean the Passion Is Done

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This year’s holiday season has Dolly Parton doing it all.  The country music legend looked luminous for her Macy’s Thanksgiving Day performance.  She always sounds great, and for this occasion, Dolly Parton was backed by a big-band and decked out in green sequins and white fur for her moment.  The superstar is also celebrating Christmas on the Square, her Netflix Christmas musical, which debuted November 22.  She’s sharing the split-screen with Christine Baranski, who’s very willing to be the “Grinchy” counterpart to Dolly’s intervening angel.

In case anyone on the planet missed it, Dolly Parton is a real-life angel in philanthropy. Her millions of dollars in donations are spearheading the progress of vaccines to end the pandemic.   Parton is also known by her favorite title as “The Book Lady” because of her worldwide literacy initiative for young children, the Imagination Library.

Putting aside the constant aura of positivity that Dolly Parton shines in the world, the entertainment mogul recently revealed in a podcast appearance on Jessie Ware’s Table Manners, reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, that she and her husband of 54 years (and together for 57) sometimes grow weary of one another.

The feeling is mutual for Dolly Parton and Carl Dean

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean made it official in matrimony in 1966 and again affirmed their wedding vows in 2016.  As steadfast as their devotion to one another is, Dolly didn’t shy away from some playful teasing, saying “I’m sick of him and I’m sure he’s sick of me” after more than a half-century together.

Of course, Parton is just giving a playful poke to the way many long-married partners confess to feeling at times.  The unwavering union between the stellar singer-songwriter and the successful businessman is a testament to their respect, appreciation, and devotion to one another.  Dolly Parton often describes herself as a gypsy, who loves to travel and perform.  Her husband, on the other hand, is “pretty independent” and being in the limelight doesn’t sit well with his more grounded routine.  Dolly, 74, stresses that she’s always tried to keep her 78-year-old husband out of the spotlight as much as possible.  She reflects that he is a “quiet, reserved person” who would never want to surrender his peace in life for a public appearance.  He has only seen Dolly Parton perform one time since they married.

Three main passions propel Dolly Parton

“My weaknesses have always been men, sex, and food and not necessarily in that order,” Dolly Parton divulged.  Her natural passion has always been one of the reasons for her successful marriage.  Not every woman can feel comfortable in the same style that Dolly does, but she encourages every woman to find a personal signature style that works for her.  Feeling confident always comes across with positive energy.

Dolly Parton pours her passion into her music, too. She wrote most of the songs for A Holly Dolly Christmas during the self-isolation of the coronavirus siege.  She sings flawless duets with partners from Michael Buble to Billy Ray Cyrus, along with her brother, Randy Parton.  Every song in the collection reflects not only Dolly’s personality but also a sensitivity to the current situation of being separated from loved ones, such as in “Christmas Where We Are.”

Great timing and yummy  goodies

“Timing is everything and I’ve always been lucky with timing,” Parton declares.  Her first new holiday collection in 30 years has dominated the Yuletide charts, ahead of many seasonal releases.  She also has a TV special on CBS airing December 6 and will be among the performers for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting special tonight, December 2.

Dolly certainly had perfect timing in meeting the love of her life.  It was also perfect timing when Kevin Costner and his assistant came to Dolly Parton for a different song than initially planned for The Bodyguard.  They wanted “I Will Always Love You” and Whitney Houston took the ballad to new heights.  Parton relates the “overwhelming feeling” of hearing Houston’s rendition.  “I have never had that before or since with a song,” Dolly Parton praises.

The UK is always a special place for Dolly Parton. The songstress got the warmest welcome of her life in 2014 at the Glastonbury Festival.  The Guinness World Record honored artist wasn’t sure “anyone would pay attention” to her repertoire, but they sang every song, and “I gave it everything I had,” assures the artist.

Despite her love for our neighbors “across the pond,” Dolly Parton has to watch herself with British treats.  “Lord, I can just die over all the scones, the heavy cream,” she admits.  She also delights in the jellies and jams and loves the “great butter.” Parton has to watch herself with indulging these passions.  She strives to always fit into her stage clothes.

The Christmas sounds that Dolly Parton loves

“I’m a spirit person,” Dolly Parton declares.  She believes she’s always had guardian angels watching over her life.  She admits that “I’m certainly no angel,” in a recent ET Canada interview.  Many folks feel that she certainly comes close.  Her daily prayer is to “be a light, speak light, or do something to bring light” to someone who needs it.  She credits that purpose for her positive attitude.

When Dolly Parton was asked what she listens to during the Christmas season, her answer was sizzling.  “I probably listen to something cooking on the stove!” the super performer exclaimed.  Whatever she cooks is bound to please Carl Dean.  Her favorite Christmas music is her 1984 collaboration with Kenny Rogers. “I love those songs and the memories between us. We were friends,” she reminisces.

Dolly Parton has a lifetime of love and memories from her family, her marriage, dear friends, and countless fans.  She never takes a moment for granted.


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