Tim McGraw Treats His Family to Home-Cooked Italian Christmas Feasting

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It’s easy to tell that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have very tender feelings about the Christmas season.  Anyone who takes a peek at the superstar’s latest video for the heartfelt song “Gravy” will see a chronicle of the McGraw family through almost a quarter-century of life and love together.  There’s a few random weddings and special occasions with less familiar faces, but the smiles, giggles, ice cream cones, and other adventures with daughters, Gracie, 23, Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 18, are sweet enough to pour into the Christmas cookie batter.  Have more than a few tissues handy before the viewing!

Just last week, Tim McGraw shared in a Radio.com interview per KSON that Faith Hill commands the kitchen for Thanksgiving.   The superb, powerful singer of “Where Are You Christmas?” clearly has a way with a baster and of whisk.

“Faith does all the cooking for Thanksgiving,” the devoted husband reiterated.  There is, of course, the traditional turkey, made-from-scratch stuffing, and “cornbread and peas, of course,” Tim McGraw adds.

The family Christmas feast is another story.  Tim McGraw takes the culinary reins, judging by details that the singer shared in a Southern Living feature per MSN.  His rich, familiar southern drawl they give away his Louisiana roots, but this country music megastar has Italian cuisine running in his blood!

Spaghetti and meatballs ala Tim McGraw

“Our family tradition for years has been pasta,” Tim McGraw discussed. The “I Called Mama” hit maker doesn’t rely on a backup team in preparing the McGraw Christmas Eve specialty of spaghetti and meatballs.  The famous dad declares that it’s “sort of my job as a dad to prepare the spaghetti and meatballs,” revealing that the tradition started “since I was a child,” and the singing chef hopes “it carries on with them,” referring to his lovely and talented daughters.

The family dubs their dad’s long-held dish “noodles and gravy” but no one should let the country-fied name fool them. “We have a lot of Italian in our family,” Tim McGraw defends.  Nothing Chef Boyardee goes into his sauce pan.  Over a two-day simmer, Tim throws in “a lot of secret ingredients.” Like it or not, he’s going to have to surrender those delights for the taste buds, because his girls are getting older, “so I’ve got to start teaching them how to make it,” McGraw understands. The family tradition must go on.

Even the family dogs are Italian for the Tim McGraw brood

It’s not surprising that singing is one Key to the Tim McGraw-Faith Hill genetic code.  The family legacy certainly passed down to the daughters.   Gracie McGraw is proving how she has pipes for the Broadway stage.  The oldest sister sang “The Wizard and I” live from her cozy living quarters and blew the roof off the place.  Above and beyond her singing voice, Gracie is a voice for strength and self-acceptance to her many friends and followers.  Maggie demonstrated her vocal talents growing up with her sisters, too and can carry a tune with canines.

Last August, Maggie offered a private command performance in a sweet video that Tim McGraw shared with Kelly Clarkson.  Stromboli, the family dog, truly stepped up for the performance.  The precious pooch held his nose high and hit all the soaring notes that Maggie modeled.  Maggie and Stromboli seem destined for opera, but not before Stromboli gets his own plate of holiday spaghetti and meatballs.  There’s hardly any doubt that Tim McGraw will make the pet sing for his supper.

“I’m probably the worst singer in the house,” Tim McGraw insisted.  Nonetheless, the self-effacing three-time Grammy winner gushed over the family of Italian Bracco’s that joined the family years ago.  Stromboli and one other sibling “down at the farm” are the last ones left.  The breed is described as “smart, efficient, and pleasant,” and the perfect fit for three girls growing up.

Christmas is a time of meaning, besides the meatballs, for Tim McGraw

Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey are each glorious, grown-up young women now.  Each one is pursuing individual dreams with the full support of their parents. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill gave each of their girls roots and wings. Now, each daughter is taking flight, but will always find a way home.

“We got one left this year,” Tim McGraw says, speaking of Audrey. “She’s leaving before Christmas,” the daddy dismays.  Still, there’s no worry that the chairs around the table will be empty on Christmas Eve.  The spaghetti and meatballs are too much of a family tradition to miss.  “They always like to come home and stay at the house,” McGraw relates. “We do a big tree.”

Faith deeply grounded in the family heritage as well.  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have each recorded songs of faith for the Christmas season that reflect real life.  “A Baby Changes Everything,” is a Faith Hill classic.  Tim recorded “Mary and Joseph” in 2012, and gave a penetrating performance in The Shack in 2017.  The theme song, “Keep Your Eyes on Me,” is yet another marvelous duet with the couple.  Fans were treated to a powerful rendition of “It Wasn’t His Child” from Tim McGraw earlier this week on CMA Country Christmas.

No matter how life changes through the years for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill or their family, traditions stand the test of time.  There will be spaghetti and meatballs on the table for Christmas Eve, but love is always the main course.


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