Dolly Parton Dishes Up Delightful Details of Her Heartfelt Christmas Traditions

Dolly Parton Christmas
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Only the dynamo of country music and overall entertainment, Dolly Parton, can enjoy the most productive year of her life at age 74, and amid a global pandemic.  Dolly is perfectly at home wherever she is, and she welcomes any audience around her stage. One of the most amazing things about this year for the country music legend is that everything she achieved was done from home, or very close to it.

Dolly Parton was at home during her interview with the UK’s Red per MSN, and Christmas was on the music legend’s mind.  Christmas started for Parton in the middle of the summer, so it’s no wonder why she’s happy to talk about some of her down-home Christmas traditions now that the season is truly here.

Fans of Dolly Parton had lots of early presents to open

A consuming work ethic is the core of Dolly Parton.  The consummate singer-songwriter began the most challenging work of her creative career long before summer.  She reminded her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, that “I gotta print the album,” late last summer.  A Holly Dolly Christmas rolled out in early October, including several Parton originals.  One of the songs was the title track for the Netflix Christmas movie treat, Christmas on the Square, which was already in production for its November 22 premiere.  There’s even a treasure under the tree from Dolly Parton.  Her coffee table book, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, gives a look into the mind and heart of the megastar in creating 150 of her timeless classics.

When it comes to her own family and close friends, Dolly Parton doesn’t hold back.  “Christmas means everything to me,” the songwriting legend stresses.  “It means fun, food, family, joyful times– and presents, of course.”

The colors  say Christmas for Dolly Parton

Dolly dons red, white, and green throughout the holiday season.  She even puts the colors in the pancakes she makes for her hubby, Carl, adding decorations and strawberries.   Christmas Eve is the big night for Dolly Parton and her clan.  She usually plans a “great supper” in one of the family houses of siblings, nieces, or nephews.  The food isn’t always traditional.  Instead, it may be “lasagna or Chinese food” contributed by invited family members.  The Parton’s open presents on the same night.

The stellar singer-songwriter famously loves to sparkle, but she defers when people think she wants diamond rings from Carl.  Dolly Parton doesn’t even like the question of what her husband gives her for Christmas.  “He just buys me what he knows that really want,” the singer says. The songs she writes for him and the “sweet poems” he creates for her mean the most.  “A poem inside a card is my favorite kind of gift,” Dolly insists.  Carl is a carpenter and mechanic.  Parton keeps an eye peeled for any worn-out tools that need upgrades.

Dolly Parton is better than Santa Claus

Even in these times of staying home for safety and “such craziness” and so many conflicting emotions in this unique celebration of Christmas, Dolly Parton hopes to gather with some nearby family members who are “protected” and careful.  She cherishes a recent tradition of Cookie Night.  It’s been going on for a few years now.  Dolly invites children near her Nashville abode to an overnight stay of cookies, pizza, and fun, with the help of a few good friends to corral all the youthful energy.

No one loves surprises more than Dolly Parton. She decorates her elevator like a chimney.  While the children wait on the bottom floor, jolly Dolly dresses like Santa Claus and arrives with “their little gifts” and glee!   Santa Dolly knows how to create lifetime memories.  She vividly recalls when she and her sisters pined for a doll from the catalog that would “drink and wet.” Their parents had no means to afford the present.  Dolly recalls when her mother announced that their little brother, Randy, “the ultimate baby” who really pees and cries and doesn’t turn off like a doll.  Dolly Parton wrote her duet with Randy, “You Are My Christmas” with total recall and sincerity.


The lasting gifts

Truthfully, Dolly Parton gave the gift of life to the world with her funding to the cause of the virus vaccines this year.  She gives the gift of reading to millions of children across the globe through her Imagination Library.  Her gift of music is eternal.  So, what does Dolly Parton wish for on Christmas Day, while she’s busy cooking delectable country cuisine?

“All I want this year is joy and peace,” Dolly Parton emphasizes, adding “peace of mind” to her wish list.  She hopes that this Christmas can allow folks to “mellow out a little bit.”  “My wish is that we all take stock and try to make next year so much better.”  Cheers to that, Dolly.





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