Dolly Parton Doesn’t Ever Want to Be Bloated By ‘Star’ Title

Dolly Parton
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Songwriting legend and country music queen, Dolly Parton proves once more why she is indelibly etched into cultural history this Christmas.  The 50-time Grammy nominee and Guinness World Record honoree as the most successful female artist in music shows up on every device or dial this Christmas season.  Her first-ever TV musical, Christmas on the Square, delighted Netflix subscribers and critics alike.  It doesn’t hurt that Dolly reprises her role as a TV star.  The musician and movie-headliner portrays a divine presence three times before this incarnation.  In this year of questions, doubt, and concern, Dolly Parton displays rays of goodness and light to the world like no other in the celebrity realm.

Dolly Parton adores being called “The Book Lady” by her millions of “adopted” young readers across the globe through the books her Imagination Library mails each month.  She never brags about her philanthropy, and the songstress always tries to do more than talk whenever there’s a problem. The one-woman dynamo doesn’t even mind, the jokes about her wigs and plastic surgery.  She’s the one who starts the most laughter.  When it comes to being dubbed a “star,” however, Dolly Parton can do without that term, as she pointed out in a Showbiz Cheatsheet feature.

Added gas has no appeal to Dolly Parton

Especially at Christmas time, Dolly Parton loves dressing in white, red, and green.  She even decorates her husband, Carl’s pancakes with the colors. She has Christmas trees in every room of her home, and the holiday décor stays up until after her January 19 birthday.  Dolly reflects often on her love of nature and growing up surrounded by God’s creation in the Tennessee hills.  She pondered the stars of the sky and believed in her talent as the vessel for her future.

Two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have Dolly Parton’s name etched into the pink terrazzo stone in brass lettering. The doting godmother is proud to call Miley Cyrus a superstar, but Parton herself doesn’t think it’s a compliment.

“As somebody once said,” Dolly Parton recalls, “A star is nothing but a big ball of gas– and I didn’t want to be that.”

Splurges aren’t a big part of life for Dolly Parton

Miley Cyrus and her “precious fairy godmother” Dolly Parton share a favorite interview buddy. The kindred singer-songwriters describes their bond as being “like family” and it’s been that way since Cyrus was born. Miley and Dolly both know Swedish-Norwegian celebrity journalist, Skavlan.  Both gifted ladies recently had separate, socially-distanced, cyber sit-downs with the host.

For Miley Cyrus, the conversation centered on the difficulties of going through divorce and personal loss over the past two years.  Things weren’t all bleak, however. Miley mentions the strong support of her family and how she’s thriving on “making music for me.” Of course, she lovingly makes fun of Dolly Parton for communicating by fax machine and writing songs the old-fashioned way– with pen and paper.

The iconic songwriter still carries a Dictaphone with her, too.  The next Dolly Parton classic might appear on a drive through receipt or a torn flap of a cardboard box.  The icon expresses her gratitude for getting her business savvy from her father and her musical ability from her mother’s side of the family.  Skavlan asked if Parton preferred earning or spending money best.

Making the dollars matter

“I like to earn money, but I like to spend it, too.” The spending has to make sense for Dolly Parton. She elaborates that she didn’t mind spending significant dollars for “stage clothes” that travel with her for years. When it comes to spending thousands– such as $3000 or $4000– of dollars on a coat or handbag, however, Dolly isn’t down with that expenditure. “I think of my daddy, my mama, my family,” Dolly Parton relates.  “They could’ve lived a year on that money.” Rural Tennessee roots run deep and stay strong.

Dolly  is quite content to go “off the rack” for her own clothes, with a touch of “Dolly-izing.” She relates that her only essentials are “my makeup, my wigs, and my heels.”  The non-professed superstar says that she can be ready for the world “in 20 minutes if I have to.”

At the same that Dolly Parton was busy singing duets for her Christmas smash album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, she put her dollars to work in the way she loves best– helping people.

Marriage doesn’t mean death to Dolly

Giving is as natural for Dolly Parton as breathing.  In the early weeks of the US surge in the pandemic, she openly donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She hoped others of means would be spurred to give while so many struggled to breathe.

The funding from Dolly Parton that people didn’t realize at the time went toward the development of the Moderna vaccine that is going into thousands of arms at this moment. The pharmaceutical company’s documents include Parton’s name as a major contributor.

At almost 75, Dolly Parton is as passionate about music, love, and life as ever. She tells Skavlan that she would love to record the Dan Hill and Barry Mann 70s ode, “Sometimes When We Touch.”

“The song is so emotional… It gives me chills,” Dolly Parton insists.  She also insists that she and her husband, Carl Dean, still have romance and “a fantasy life.”  She admits that “things have slowed down” but the devotion remains.

“I’m married, but I’m not dead,” Dolly Parton declares. “Sometimes When We Touch” sounds like just the right tune for tenderness.  Hopefully, Dolly’s not booking the studio time already. Happy New Year, Dolly!

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