Dolly Parton Doesn’t Mind Delaying Her COVID-19 Vaccine

Dolly Parton
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Patience is a virtue, and it’s something that Dolly Parton learned all her life.  The country music queen and songwriting wonder learned early about waiting her turn.  With 12 siblings in line, six girls and six boys, waits came for everything.  From what was left at the supper table to getting by all winter on her mother’s stored preserves of produce, Dolly Parton understands delayed gratification.

It took an exchange of oatmeal for the doctor to bring Dolly Rebecca Parton into the world. Rural families practice giving in every sense, Those remembrances steep deep into Dolly’s heart.  When it came to the coronavirus pandemic that swept the globe and brought grief to countless families, the legendary artist didn’t waste time wringing her hands– she spearheaded the efforts for a cure with her 7-figure donations.  She already had the scientific connection through her good friend, Dr. Naji Abumrad, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, so she prayed that her dollars and research dedication to combining for a common good.

It feels good for Dolly to see the shots going into arms everywhere these days. Nonetheless, the “Love Is Like A Butterfly” singer is content to bide her time before getting her turn, as she explained in a CNN per MSN feature.  The Tennessee lady isn’t about barging her way into the headlines or history.  Everything comes in time, and Dolly still has plenty of projects on her horizons.

A little patience for protection is no problem to the “9 to 5” singer

Dolly Parton just turned 75 this month.  The entertainment icon certainly qualifies for high-priority status as far as receiving her COVID-19 vaccine.  It’s just not Dolly’s way to shove her way upfront in any line, even if she takes the lead in any of her business negotiations.

“I didn’t want to jump the line,” Dolly Parton assures.  “I didn’t donate the money so I could be protected,” Parton stresses.  On the contrary, “I did it for everybody,” the music legend describes as her motive.

Dolly Parton takes diligent precautions through this self-quarantined time.  Her Christmas special and recent interviews broadcast from a home studio set-up, and social-distancing and safety are strictly observed.  Parton has skilled pals with virtual technology, and a longtime friend to assist in giving Dolly Parton just the right look from across the miles.

“I’m going to get it, though,” the senior says regarding the vaccine. Dolly Parton is still giving lifetimes of songs and beautiful moments to the world through her talents and spirit.  She even has a Super Bowl ad thrown in for some fun this year.

Super Bowl LV features fun with Dolly Parton

Movie and music buffs never tire of talking about the dream of a 9 to 5 reincarnation in some form. Country Music Alley reported this week on the prospects that Dolly Parton will star alongside Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda in a Season 7 episode of Grace and Frankie.

Dolly Parton understands how work life, home life, and school are all one big blur in these concerning times.  No one creates a catchy tune like Dolly does, either.  The stunning songstress reworks 9 to 5 as a theme song for a Squarespace Super Bowl ad, reversing it to 5 to 9. 

“Why not?” Dolly Parton wonders over the opportunity for the ad. “Everybody knows the song” she relates, so viewers will surely appreciate the switch-up. “Like me, so many people are working 9 to 5 and 5 to 9, all the time.” Parton still gets most of her work done before daylight every day. No one accuses Dolly Parton of being distracted or lazy, not even for a minute.

A Super Bowl in Dolly Parton’s future is still a possibility

Sweet fragrance fills the Country Queen’s future, too.  Her signature Dolly perfume is one of Squarespace’s clients.  The website hosting and building company designed the website for the alluring perfume, which Dolly describes as “a very angelic smell” and “heaven-SCENT,” in Dolly Parton parlance.

“People have been following me around for years, telling me how good I smell,” Dolly Parton confesses.  Admirers can enjoy sharing the scent of Dolly, but shouldn’t expect to follow it to the stadium to see the artist center-stage too soon.

Katy Perry wanted the “Jolene” singer as her Super Bowl partner a few years back.  Dolly’s husband, Carl Dean, was having some health struggles at the time, and  Parton was not up to the added stress.

She still knows that the Super Bowl headliner has an awful lot of work and responsibility for that particular national spotlight.  “It’s just always been a little more pressure than I’ve been willing to deal with through the years and do a whole thing on my own.”  Dolly Parton admits.  She’s quite happy to have the focus for a minute or two than carrying the whole show. Fans will be happy that she does leave the possibility, though.

“I’m sure eventually I probably will,” Dolly Parton confesses of the experience.  After all, Dolly is the consummate performer, and timeless as ever.

Dolly wants to wait on the statue

Besides her vaccine appointment, another thing that can wait for Dolly Parton is the Tennessee state statue in her honor.   Tennessee’s favorite citizen doesn’t have a statue of herself at the top of her docket.

“I personally do not want that,” Dolly Parton asserts.  It’s a future task that  “can be done after I’m dead and gone,” she prefers.

Countless fans simply hope that the time for that statue is long, long, in the future.  Dolly Parton still has many more things to do in life.  Look for Dolly Parton’s ad in the third quarter, and look to Country Music Alley for the latest news on your favorite stars!

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