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Country music songstress, Mickey Guyton, keeps adding to her ever-growing and glowing collection of golden memories and career milestones.  This week, the passionate singer-songwriter hit another performance high-mark. This with her late-night television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, as Billboard per MSN notes.

Making history, maternity, and mentoring more talented female artists made 2020 a very full year for Mickey Guyton.  The Grammys slated for January 31 moved to March 14 due to COVID-19 precautions. The date change doesn’t change the fact that more than any time in her 10-year climb in country music, this moment in history is hers.  The music world, even far beyond Country, is hearing this gifted artist with wide-hearts in a whole new way because of her personal story of strength and determination.

It turns out that Mickey Guyton took a stand for the truth soon after sharing a superlative rendition of her anthem for equality, “Black Like Me” with late-night viewers.  Morgan Wallen still has much to learn about acceptance, equality, respect, and decency.

Not the Grammys, but still a triumph for Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton welcomes her son, Grayson Clark, with her husband, Grant Savoy, any minute now.  Nonetheless, the mommy-to-be was radiant from more than the reflection of the glowing candles surrounding her and her band.  Wearing a flowing peasant-style dress in black with shimmering silver accents, Guyton belted out “Black Like Me” with even more impetus them previous performances.  The unvarnished ballad brought strength to countless listeners of all colors with its message that being different, in whatever sense, should never cloud our common humanity and the right to live an authentic life as the person one is.

Every time the songwriter came to the three words “black like me” from the chorus, Mickey Guyton purposely pointed to her heart.  The inescapable truth in the lines “Daddy worked day and night/For an old house and a used car/Just to have that good life/Shouldn’t be twice as hard” belongs to her and she sings it and every other lyric for all she’s worth, as only she can.

Mickey Guyton made history last September on the ACM Award stage as the first black woman to perform at the ceremony.  Her stunning turn and the truth within “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” shook the hearts and the consciousness of the entire audience and anyone watching.  Guyton’s Grammy nomination alone for Best Country Solo Performance makes history again.  She posted “Black Like Me” to social media late last summer, certain that her label wouldn’t touch the song.  Nothing stops a strong woman singing the truth, not even a pandemic, and the song is a force all its own that could earn Mickey Guyton and her co-writers a golden gramophone.

Words on Morgan Wallen from the “Black Like Me” Singer

Country Music Alley and Taste of Country already reported the latest rant from 27-year-old Morgan Wallen.  This time, a neighbor catches the entire n-word incident on camera.  The Country singer is proving true to the title of his double album, Dangerous: The Double Album.  The latest reports are that Wallen is suspended from his label.  Appalling behaviors are dangerous to the giver and recipient, and Mickey Guyton knows now that folks are realizing that outcome.

In a series of social media shares, Mickey Guyton asks “How many passes will you continue to give?” She notes that “no one deserves to be canceled, but this is unacceptable.” In another comment, she insists that the response cannot be silence.  “Crickets won’t work this time.”  Wallen’s behavior is much more akin to the child who’s sorry for getting caught than truly remorseful.   The singer issued two apologies, but nothing beyond “I want to sincerely apologize” and “I promise to do better.”  Mickey Guyton summed up the value of that promise in four letters, appropriately shielded.  In a further elaborative message, Mickey Guyton confronts the fact that racism is real and “who we are.”  Her healing song “Bridges” offers hope for healing.

Morgan Wallen was booted from a Saturday Night Live performance back in October for not wearing his mask under virus mandates.  The “sorry game” clearly worked for the singer, who was back on the NBC late-night standard in December.  Perhaps this more extended period to ponder his behavior and attitude will take greater effect.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt for him to add Mickey Guyton to his playlist and have “Black Like Me” in rotation. Empathy is a lesson every human needs.

Mother-daughter joy for Mickey Guyton

As disappointed in Morgan Wallen as Mickey Guyton is, she can take comfort in getting support from friends, like Margo Price, Maren Morris, and pioneering country singer, Rissi Palmer.  Guyton called Palmer the “head majorette” in carrying the banner to inspire other female artists. She declared that she was only following the lead of the first black Country singer with a solo chart hit.

Mickey Guyton pays a compliment to Palmer in the way she’s always “leading in love.” Faith and love are more than words to Guyton, who still remembers how to get to the church she attended in her youth.  The expectant mother exclaimed her own “Look, mom!” after performing on the Stephen Colbert show, giving credit to her Higher Power, too.

“Look. At. God!” Mickey Guyton praises. “I made it on a late-night show, mom!”  She continues that “My heart cannot take it.  Thank you guys for believing.”

The power of believing is proving itself to Mickey Guyton.  Hopefully, Morgan Wallen will embrace the possibility that positive change is always possible.

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