Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Cozy-Up To The Wilds Of Australia Outside Their Back Door

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Country music megastar and mammoth axe-shredder, Keith Urban, and his acclaimed actress wife, Nicole Kidman, are coping with many of the same issues as every family in this uncommon era of the pandemic. The loving parents strive to give their daughters, Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, who celebrated her 10th birthday last December, the greatest sense of normalcy and closeness within the family circle.

Fortunately, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman can also manage to maintain their family life in both Australia and Nashville.  A fun-loving feature from Hello Magazine focuses on the fun the family enjoys with herds of wild animals– right out the door of their lavish but lived-in New South Wales home. A few photos of the interior views have been shared previously in Vogue and in social media, but the latest shares show the multitalented celebrity couple getting back to younger roots, and getting comfortable with their critters with hooves!

Being a boy with a cow delights Keith Urban

Keith Urban is 53 now, but there’s something about the “moo” from a cow that clearly takes the musician right back to his boyhood, judging from the mirror views of now and then from the “Polaroid” singer.  Urban hails from Whangarei, New Zealand, and moved with his family to Australia in his early years. Any of his fans who recall the film, The Piano, witness not only Oscar-winning performances. Although Nicole Kidman isn’t in this one, but fans see the rugged, rocky, beautifully unspoiled territory of the nation.  Keith Urban honed some herding skills through his childhood years, obviously.  The only difference is that there’s a lot more of the livestock now.

“This must be why I like being around cows,” Keith Urban captions the most current shot.  The “Blue Ain’t Your Color” hitmaker stands in front of seven or so black bovines and one red, happily posing while the star flashes a contented smile. No one takes the country out of this artist, no matter that he wasn’t born in Nashville.

Nicole Kidman smiles, too, and another tender shot showing her nose to nuzzle with a very friendly alpaca on the 111-acre property.  That makes plenty of roaming room for the animals and lots of opportunity for learning “hands-on” biology and nature for Sunday and Faith.  Keith Urban didn’t grow up with a house including a swimming pool and tennis courts, but he did enjoy animal comforts.

Music’s big night and a big movie ahead for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Many artists feel left at a loss for ways to share their music during the extended lockdowns.  Keith Urban refuses to be included in that number.  For months, the prolific “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” singer has made his music available wherever possible.  He played tributes for Kenny Rogers and lovingly honored Charley Pride.  Urban accepted the honor of collaborating with one of his greatest musical heroes, Barry Gibb, on the Bee Gee brother’s Country project, Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook Vol. 1.

Anytime the stage calls from anywhere on the big night in country music, Keith Urban is there, with his unique brand of exuberance.  The biggest night in all of music is calling now.  According to Billboard, Clive Davis locked Keith in for performances in the star-studded pre-Grammy festivities. Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys, Cher, Gladys Knight, Sia, John Legend, and Barry Gibb are among the other stellar artists lined up for virtual offerings.  Virtual or not, Keith Urban brings vibrant enthusiasm, making the talent mentor and music fans set for a special experience.

Nicole Kidman always has a string of new roles waiting for her powerful portrayals.  Variety confirmed last week that the actress and UN Women’s Ambassador is preparing to play Lucille Ball in an upcoming film.  Balancing professional life and parenting is near impossible these days, but like millions of other parents, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman make it work.

More hands always help

As it happens, Lucille Ball was one of the most famous and busiest working mothers in her time.  The television icon battled through a troubled marriage and brought up her two children while I Love Lucy and its follow-up, The Lucy Show, portrayed madcap situations and fun that fill television history.

The Urban-Kidman clan is exceptionally close.  The family always travels together, and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban assure that “one of us is always there,” in Kidman’s words.  The time in Australia has been beneficial in more ways than animal husbandry.

The Before I Go to Sleep star asked her sister, Antonia, to move in with the family before they crossed continents.  With cousins around, an aunt on-hand, and assistance from grandma, Janelle, Nicole admits “It’s been incredible,” adding “I don’t have that help in Nashville,” especially under current cloistered conditions.

Whether it’s human families or animals, Keith urban and Nicole Kidman seem to thrive in this “commune-like” situation, “where you’re all raising each other’s kids together,” mama Nicole describes.  Today’s circumstance isn’t so different from that of bygone days.  Everything old is new again, but thank goodness for music to pull us through. Alpaca nuzzles don’t hurt, either.




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