Dolly Parton Gets a Super-Sweet Senior Rescue Dog Namesake

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A worldwide cultural icon, philanthropist, and Country music legend Dolly Parton doesn’t need another statue of her image standing at the Tennessee State Capitol just yet.   The beloved resident of The Volunteer State believes in hard work and giving back.  She refuses to devote much time to thinking about honors for herself.  On the contrary, her greatest delight comes from the countless fans who remember every word of her songs with deep emotion.

There’s no telling how many adoring Dolly Parton fans have given the singer-songwriter’s name to creatures and things they hold dear– from cars to pets, and more than a few people named Dolly. A post this morning (February 22), in the Thurston Talk online newspaper from the Olympia, Washington area, bestows Dolly Parton’s name for a cause the artist would certainly support.  The precious rescue dog, Dolly Parton, desperately needs a loving home to live out her senior years.

This Dolly Parton steals hearts, too

The pit bull mix Dolly Parton highlighted in the profile provided probably only weighs a tiny bit less than her legendary namesake, at 65 pounds and an estimated eight-years-old. The details mention that Dolly the dog “was dumped at Hank’s Lake.”  The human Dolly Parton recounted earlier this month in a Country Music Alley feature how she braved being mauled by bears to escape an overly-aggressive suitor.  The “Dumb Blonde” hitmaker no doubt knows what to do with animal abusers, too.

Doggie Dolly Parton has the eyes looked straight into your soul, the way Dolly Parton songs aim straight for the heart and soul.  The dog earned her name due to the fact that “she will give you quite the concert and loves to sing, just like her namesake.”

While the singer writes, and performs with passion at 75, the dog has some hearing loss, and needs more patience and understanding, along with more visual cues.  Dolly also doesn’t like things around her food bowls.  Shelter dogs never forget the hearts or hands who truly give them a forever home, and their love in return is like no other.  Dolly Parton has her own personal story of how her beloved pooch proved his divine power.

Precious Popeye saves Dolly Parton’s life

Dolly Parton deeply believes that God conveys spiritual messages through loved ones in her life.  Last October, the “I Still Believe” artist reflected on how her husband, Carl Dean, can put her at peace about a worry in her life with just a passing comment, as she mentions to Stephen Colbert.

Loving dogs is a lifetime dedication for Dolly Parton.  In a 2020 Amo Mama feature in honor of National Dog Day, the stellar songwriter’s offer to adopt a dog who made himself at home during her Glastonbury Festival performance gets a pat on the back.  That pup was dubbed “Dolly” also, of course!

Dolly knows full well that her dog, Popeye, saved her life in a pivotal, dark moment following a painful breakup.

Dolly Parton inspires everyone around her to rise and remain resilient in the storms of life. Still, in one shadowy interlude in her life, she recalls sitting in her room and holding a gun, with thoughts of ending her life.  The familiar clicks of her Boston Terrier’s nails on the floor and scratching at the door snapped her back to reality. Her negative thoughts turned to prayer, where she found the piece and power to pull herself from the pain.  The dog assured that Dolly Parton would stay alive to save the world, in many ways.

This classic dog song requires tissues

By her own estimation, Dolly Parton has 3000 to 4000 songs to her credit, and they are literally stashed everywhere.  Some are in cubbyholes of her homes, while one special song is in a box made by her uncle, Bill Owens, and locked in a vault at the DreamMore Resort at Dollywood.  Parton strives to be “live and in-person” at 99 for the 2045 reveal of her secret song.  She just hopes it will still play on the cassette.  Hopefully, a diligent Dolly staffer holds an alternate version.

Only a completely authentic dog-lover like Dolly Parton could write the 1977 dog song called “the saddest song ever written,” even by faithful fans.  YouTube videos of listeners reacting to the ballad, “Me and Little Andy,” bring viewers to sobs.  The wrenching story song of the little girl and her dog at the door one stormy night verifies the emotional prowess and also the daring of Dolly Parton.

The song has no happy ending with the child and faithful friend since “Mommy ran away again” and “Daddy’s drunk again in town.”  Harsh realities hit everyone in life, and Dolly Parton has the unbridled guts to tell the unvarnished truth in her own way.  Open hearts make a difference, just like one open door, even for a senior dog.

Here’s hoping Dolly Parton the pit bull mix has her permanent home by tonight.

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