Dolly Parton Declares She’s Not a Fashionista, Despite Vogue Life in Looks Tribute

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Santa has Dolly Parton at the top of his Nice List for certain this year.  Even though the first snowfall is a long way off for most places, and the pumpkins are out on the porches for Halloween, the country music queen is getting early presents.  Her first new Christmas collection in 30 years, “A Holly Dolly Christmas,” is topping the Christmas and country music charts, according to Billboard.

Sparkles and shimmer have always been part of the Dolly Parton aura.  The superstar still embodies the genuine spirit and values of her Smoky Mountain upbringing in rural Tennessee.  The singer-songwriter has a slew of things to keep her busy through the holiday season,  but she took the time to take Vogue magazine down memory lane to revisit some of her favorite fashion moments from 1975 to now, as Yahoo noted.  Whether it’s her songs or her fashion sense, Dolly is ringing in the Christmas season in style!

Pink looks perfectly beautiful on Dolly Parton

“I have never thought of myself as being fashionable,” Dolly Parton insists. “I’ll just tell you what I know about how I look and why I look that way.”

To begin her stylish stroll, Dolly Parton started with her 1974 look on her “Jolene” album cover. She loved the white jumpsuit with puffy sleeves because it allowed her to move around easily, and the striped blue highlights perfectly suited the era and the outfit to accompany the ageless song.

“I got to dress up like a big city girl” recalls Dolly Parton of the beautiful pink satin gown with intricate lace overlays that she wore to the 1980 premiere of “9 to 5” alongside her friends and castmates, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.  “I’ve never even thought about being fashionable,” Parton reiterates, but for something as big as a movie premiere, “I needed to be fancy” she knew.  The film’s legendary costume designer, Ann Roth, whipped up the ultra-feminine couture, and Dolly Parton provided the rest of the magic. The iconic singer was sublimely fashionable that night, and she felt it.

Let’s never forget that it was Dolly Parton’s Doralee Rhodes who hogtied Mr. Hart in the ageless comedy.  Dolly Parton grew up knowing the ropes in that kind of thing, literally.  There has long been talk that a sequel could someday reunite the unforgettable girls on-screen.  Fans are ready and waiting.

The look and Sylvester Stallone did a lot to lift Dolly Parton

Critics were not so kind with the 1984 comedy, “Rhinestone” co-starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone.  The naysayers aside, nothing keeps Dolly from praising her tall, dark, and handsome leading man for his kindness in lifting her spirits after a rough patch.

In the Vogue video, Parton describes being out of work for a while due to health problems.  “Rhinestone” was her first “major project” back in the spotlight.  “He is such a crazy person,” Dolly says of Stallone in the best light, “and so out there and so funny!”  “He lifted me,” the petite dynamo describes.  The friendly relationship also inspired Dolly to write some of her best songs.

Memories and a lifetime of love and music bond Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton

There are many golden moments and priceless Dolly Parton quotes through her fashion trek.  One of them is her playful description of her black and shiny latex-look outfits for her hosting and musical role on “SNL” in 1988.  With Dolly, it’s never just changing a top and a pair of pants–it’s a top-down overhaul. Nobody can describe that backstage fun like Parton herself.

Designer Tony Chase had a penchant for wanting to put Dolly in huge shoulder pads during her TV variety show days.  “The only thing big about me or my boobs and my mouth,” Dolly Parton kindly reminded.  As far as everything else in fashion, the stellar songwriter doesn’t subscribe to the “less is more” theory.  “More is more,” she asserts, saying the alternative view is “full of it.”

Among Dolly Parton’s other favorite looks are dazzling white dresses.  The star will soon wear white again in her new Netflix film, Christmas on the Square, debuting November 22.  Dolly portrays an angel who provokes a pivotal change in the story’s lead character, played by Christine Baranski.

Miley-Dolly moments mean so much

Dolly Parton chose white again for her 2006 recognition as a Kennedy Center honoree.  She was in white again, singing beside one of her favorite people in the world, Miley Cyrus, at the 2019 Grammy awards.  Dolly was honored as the MusiCares Person of the Year and Miley honored her beloved godmother by adorning her pantsuit with bling to spare.  Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry also paid tribute to Dolly, but Miley Cyrus had to be the closer.

Dolly Parton became an early mentor to Billy Ray Cyrus, and she remembers Miley as “a little baby.” In turn, Miley credits her godmother as a lifetime role model in grace and being kind to every person.  “Many of my younger fans know my music because of Miley and Hannah Montana,” Parton stresses. “We have a wonderful little connection. They’re like family to me.”


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