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Jimmie Allen
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Country music genre-crossing gentleman, Jimmie Allen opens his heart and his playful side as wide open as ever during a visit with Taste of Country Nights, as a Taste of Country feature confirms.  While many of his fellow (and sister) performers put creativity on hold hearing the pandemic siege, Jimmie Allen poured his creative juices into more projects than ever.  The “Freedom Was a Highway” artist keeps things healthy, too.  He brought his own gallon of water to get him through the conversation!

Jimmie Allen is off to the races with live shows this summer.  Besides singing the national anthem at the Indy 500, the singer-songwriter jubilantly joined with his buddy, Brad Paisley, for a summer jaunt.  At the same time, the Allen family has plenty of reasons to rejoice on the family front.  Jimmie Allen married longtime love and fiancée, Alexis Gale, just before his Memorial Day gig at the Brickyard.  Only days after, the glowing and growing news breaks that Baby Girl Allen #2 is on the way!  The name is still up for debate, as MSN per Entertainment Tonight conveys, but there’s not a shade of a doubt that plenty of love and devotion are already available for another daughter.

When it comes to love and devotion, big sister, Naomi, already knows how to wrap her daddy around her finger.  Temper tantrums don’t do the trick, but her sweetie pie pout gets to Papa every time.  Jimmie Allen performs his impression of his big girl doing her best, as seen midway through this YouTube capture of the interview.  No matter how many siblings ultimately comprise the Allen family, Naomi always has her daddy’s heart.

Big names are on a first-name basis with Jimmie Allen

Before discussing parenting issues, Jimmie Allen fields a barrage of questions, just as he did during his chat on The Sam Alex ShowNo one ever gets tired of hearing how the 35-year-old Delaware native who debuted with Mercury Lane in 2018 now has Pitbull, Keith Urban, Babyface, and Little Big Town on speed dial, well, not quite.

First off, Jimmie Allen explains that rapper Pitbull is just plain Armando when he shoots the breeze.  He doesn’t have a smartphone, either.  Messages go to e-mail from the “Fireball” singer, who uses a Blackberry as his preferred communication device. By the way, the same situation applies to Sir Elton John, who also recently worked on “something” with Jimmie.  Only a “house phone” or e-mail applies.

Whether he’s in the studio, at home, or on the road, parenthood is a top priority for Jimmie Allen.  His seven-year-old son, Aadyn, and his one-year-old toddler, Naomi, present very unique challenges, but also, the dad’s greatest joys.

Baby girl pouts best

Jimmie Allen confesses that he sees a lot of himself in his son at home for the summer.   He quizzically comments on the “all-boy” adventures of peeing in the yard to spell out their names that entertain Aadyn and his best friend, Grayson.  “I love ‘em to death,” the dad declares, even if he doesn’t understand the simple joy of tossing quarters at the neighbor’s window.  Allen recalls driving a tractor [as in lawn tractor] through the woods and getting stuck in a creek.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and the “Make Me Want To” singer owns up to be quite a handful as a youngster, so he’s prepared for anything with the boys.  “That’s why we try to keep them busy with camps,” Allen concedes. “Pray every day and hide the knives” is his best parenting advice.

Naomi Bettie Allen is only a year old, but she knows exactly how to avert drastic discipline.  Daddy Allen touchingly demonstrates her instant “head-down, lip-out” technique any time daddy or mommy speak her name with that tone.  If a camera comes in sight, Naomi knows how to give the sweetest glance to the side.  With all probability, she is a shoo-in to join Jimmie Allen onstage.  No doubt, she steals the show.

A hometown sell-out for Jimmie

Along with the rousing reception for the star-studded collaborations with Jimmie Allen on the Bettie James Gold Edition, the artist plunged into developing a clothing line, a TV show, a movie project that correlates with the album, and a children’s book.

“I decided that I could either be in the same place or behind after the pandemic,” Jimmy Allen affirms. “I decided to use it as a springboard.”

He recently read his book, My Voice Is a Trumpet, to his son, who already understands its message.  “It’s to teach children to use their voice at a young age, and to encourage other people, and themselves,” Jimmie Allen details.  “Everyone is different and everyone is special.  Being different is what makes the world special.”

Talk about being special, Jimmie Allen feels more than special to see that tickets for his hometown Bettie James Fest celebration in Milton, Delaware are already close to selling out, as MSN per Delaware Online confirms.  The event happens on August 7 at Hudson Fields.

Of course, Jimmie Allen headlines the bill.  DJ Jazzy Jeff drops into the day of fun and music, too.  Neon Union, Nashville singer-songwriter Chase Martin, Hero the Band, and one of Jimmie Allen’s best friends, Chuck Wicks, round out the lineup.

“Forever” is likely a song on the setlist.  Jimmie Allen calls the composition “the first song I wrote for a woman I love.”  Love has definitely come for Jimmie Allen.  The title of his collaboration with Babyface speaks everything about living with purpose for the moment and having a focus on what lasts for the future.

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