Jimmie Allen Sets the Pace For A Packed Summer of Performances

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It’s nothing new to see country music artist Jimmie Allen wearing his broad, dimpled smile.  What is new, of late, however, is the news and new reasons to smile for the 2021 ACM New Male Artist of the Year.  The 34-year-old “Make Me Want To” singer dreamed, pleaded to the heavens, and pined to play for a living, breathing humans through the global plight of the pandemic.  Now, Jimmie Allen knows someone heard him.

Jimmie Allen consistently beams with enough zeal to shame the Energizer Bunny, but today, May 27, as confirmed by the Indy Star per MSN, the “Best Shot” singer-songwriter likely has an added shot of octane in his step.  Word is out that Allen is the chosen singer for the national anthem at the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 30.

More than the prestigious honor of the performance, Jimmie Allen tingles with joy as The Indianapolis Motor Speedway welcomes excited fans back to the hallowed venue of racing for the first time in months.  That’s a better reward than riding in the pace car, and Jimmie Allen is more than ready for the breakneck pace of bringing live music to fans all summer.


Freedom and fun between friends

It seems like forever ago that Jimmie Allen sat with brother and sister artists for the CMA Award special, Country Strong.  In fact, it was only last November when the candid Country crooner openly discusses the drastic mood swings that the initial pandemic isolation provoked in his bipolar disorder.  It never took long, though, for Allen to transition to a more positive mindset of “get up and give back.”

One of the first moves Jimmie Allen made was to take out a “crazy loan” in order to sustain his band through the uncertain time.  While such a gesture is phenomenal from a young creative soul, it speaks to the hopeful and magnanimous heart of Jimmie Allen.  He reflects that he’s got “45 years to pay it back,” and it looks like an old friend and a tour this summer give him a good start.

It’s clear to anyone with a heart and a good set of ears that Brad Paisley delights in collaborating with Jimmie Allen on “Freedom Was a Highway,” especially when crashing the stage like Paisley did during the ACM Awards.  Starting June 5 in Panama City Beach, Florida, the fellas and their fans can hear the familiar tune and a whole lot more when Brad Paisley’s tour kicks off, as CMT Edge reveals.

Jimmie Allen buzzes with super-excitement

It doesn’t matter to Jimmie Allen if the miles seem endless or the mattress on the tour bus isn’t exactly to his liking. Like most other country music makers– he just wants to get out on a live stage, sing and play his heart out, and feel the roar of love from the people in return.

“Man, I am super-excited,” Jimmie Allen gushes at just the thought of getting out on the road. His immediate response to Paisley sounded totally affirmative. “Whatever we gotta do to make it happen, it’s cool because we get to sing it together on stage every night!” Allen speaks, overjoyed.  The young performer draws much of his work ethic and persistent positivity from the example of his mentor, Charley Pride.  The late country music legend never tired of performing, and Pride and Allen shared the stage together for the last time at the CMA Lifetime Achievement presentation at last year’s ceremony. Jimmie Allen treasures every tender joke and tidbit of advice traded over the years.

A family tribute

“Freedom was a Highway” and “Why Things Happen” featuring Darius Rucker and Charley Pride are part of the Bettie James EP and film project, which features Jimmie Allen portraying the part of an everyman who contends with the struggles of life.  The project is a loving tribute to his late grandmother and late father, weaving family legacy with the music.  Noah Cyrus, Mickey Guyton, and Nelly also contribute to the moving effort.  The close-to-home music feels even more special in a hometown neighborhood for Jimmie Allen.

Tickets are on sale now for the Bettie James Fest in Jimmie Allen’s hometown of Milton, Delaware.  The artist so exuberant to “make it happen” is happy to bring his heart and his art to friends old and new on August 7.  Hudson Fields is Jimmie’s happy place for the day, in more ways than one.

More dates to circle for Jimmie Allen

Good Morning America hosts one of the nation’s biggest stages for entertainment every summer.  On July 5, Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley blast onto the big broadcast stage.  Vaccines make gatherings more like the old concert days, so the choruses are bound to carry across all of New York.

Somehow, in between concert dates, Jimmie Allen is a writer, too.  His first book, My Voice Is a Trumpet, is in progress for publication soon.  The author seeks to speak as a father and an artist who found his voice and purpose.

“Explore every part of your heart that desires to do something,” Allen urges, no matter what the calling is.  “Take a chance and never stop until you figure out where you’re supposed to be.”

Jimmie Allen is off to lots of places this summer.  With every song, he feels the fulfillment of his greater purpose.

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