Jimmie Allen Is Officially Taken! Country Star Marries Alexis Gale

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Country music star Jimmie Allen makes no secret of who owns his heart.  Over the last few years, the lovely Alexis Gale takes his arm as the two grace the red carpet events of country music. The lovebirds are used to making every list for “Best Looks.”  As of yesterday, May 27, as Taste of Country, People, and RADIO.com per MSN confirm, the beautiful couple has the best look ever– in love and just married!

Jimmie Allen and Alexis Gale keep their vows secret, sacred, and cozy

Country Music Alley jumped into Jimmie Allen’s excitement over his summer tour with Brad Paisley, is kicking off June 5.  Before the tour buses roll, the singer has the highly patriotic gig of singing the National Anthem at the Indy 500. Jimmie Allen welcomes 100,000 alive and breathing human beings, still masked and socially distanced, to the Brickyard.

With all of the talk and enthusiasm about his jam-packed summer, Jimmie Allen never mentions a word about the nuptials, nor does Alexis Gale let anything slip. Obviously, the committee pair determined to keep their sacred day extremely special.  Only a chosen, invited group of dear friends witnessed the exchange of vows.  Darius Rucker, Tyler Rich, and his wife, Sabina Gadecki, and artist and Country radio personality, Chuck Wicks, and his wife, Kim stood in support, as well as a tight-knit circle of family.

No tying the knot until now

Disney World is a magical, enchanted place for Jimmie Allen and his bride.  The “Best Shot” singer proposed to Alexis in July 2019 at the kingdom of the imagination. Gale wore her beautiful ring and playful ears.  The two also shared their gender reveal for then daughter to-be-born daughter, Naomi Bettie, at the venue so fond of dreams.  Allen’s seven-year-old son, Aadyn (from a previous relationship) attended that occasion and the family nuptials. The family postponed a dream wedding due to the pandemic, and on March 1 of 2020, little Naomi arrived.  As it happens, Jimmie Allen calls in to speak with Chuck Wicks on the over-the-moon day.

“Lexi’s laying right here looking awesome,” proud dad Jimmie Allen beams.  He elaborates how March birthdays are very significant to his family, as is the name Bettie, in honor of his late grandmother.  As of yet, no one offers photographic verification, but certainly, the bride and groom glow beyond the stratosphere.  The location of the love-affirming event is another secret, but there’s no doubt it is Jimmie Allen’s choice.


Home is where the love is

During a conversation with ET Canada from the Country Radio Seminar last year, Jamie Allen admits that every planned word he practiced for his proposal to Alexis floated out of his head.  When it comes to the wedding, however, he only demands one choice– the venue.

Jimmie Allen defers to Alexis on “the dress, the cake, the flowers” and any other detail.  He only wants the place to be his pick.  The feature from RADIO.com showcases a glimpse of a glorious group of blossoms under a perfect blue sky.  There’s one hint, but kudos to the couple for keeping the moment as theirs alone.

Jimmie Allen candidly reveals both the struggles and the joys of his career journey and his personal life. Charley Pride served the “Make Me Want To” artist as a pivotal mentor.  If one wish granted to the groom could happen, it is Charley Pride’s presence. It’s a promise that the revered country music legend smiles down on this family joined in covenant.  Pride sang “All I Have To Offer You Is Me,” and that sacrificial pledge still gives a good start to any marriage.

Allen and Gale, a nurse, found “an immediate connection” as Jimmie recalls, soon after his cousin’s wife played intermediary. Divine providence is another part of the equation.  To think that both Jimmie Allen and Alexis Gale hail from the tiny town of Milton, Delaware speaks to a greater celestial power.

Here’s to many happy years

Personal milestones and major career events seem to coincide for Jimmie Allen.  “Make Me Want To” went to #1 on the same day his daughter with Alexis was born.  No one knows what the future will bring in the month of May, or perhaps, on the calendar date of the wedding.  Regardless, no one ever forgets the memories made together.

While the groom raves about his wife’s smile that “melts me” and her “pure heart that challenges me to love better,” in Jimmie Allen’s words, he credits most that her constant, unconditional support for him and their children “is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  He adds that she gives “the type of love I’ve been writing about all these years.”

Those heartfelt words sound just like a wedding toast, even more than a country song. Here’s to many more years for Jimmie Allen and Alexis Gale Allen to discover the depths and dimensions of love that only come with time.

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