Jimmie Allen Keeps Things Sanitary & Sleepy In The Tub On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

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Fans and friends alike definitely confirm that country music original, Jimmie Allen, lifts the mood, whether he’s making music or just living life.  The “Make Me Want To” singer takes the title for the busiest artist in the business this summer.  He opened the Indy 500 with the national anthem, buzzed with excitement to be back on the tour bus with his good buddy, Brad Paisley, and made a whole crop of new music with all-star cohorts on his Bettie James Gold Edition. 

In between his performance schedule and booking studio time, Jimmie Allen celebrates true-life milestones.  He married his longtime love, Alexis “Lexi” Gale in an intimate, sacred, and close-knit ceremony in Pennsylvania in late May.  Shortly after, the overjoyed couple shared the news that their second daughter is on the way.  Their toddler daughter, Naomi, arrived in March last year.  Wedding plans suffered a delay due to pandemic restrictions. Nonetheless, the family, including big brother, Aadyn, 7 (from a previous relationship), is completely content in a loving routine. Now, life is slowly getting back to normal in the country music world, and Jimmie Allen seems to be everywhere, spreading his infectious energy and positivity.

The family goes gangbusters with Jimmie

It’s a rare thing when personal and professional commitments come together.  Jimmie Allen gets to play Celebrity Family Feud with his favorite and most fervent cheerleading squad– his family and one close friend, as Taste of Country confirms.  In a sneak peek of the upcoming July 25 episode, the “Best Shot” artist goes head-to-head with MTV host and producer, Nev Schulman, of Catfish and Catfish The TV Show fame.  The Allen family effort benefited Duffy’s Hope, an outreach that provides services to “at-risk and hard-to-reach youth ages 12-17.”  The  Schulman clan supported the National Dance Institute and the American Cancer Society.

When the question arises regarding hereto for secret activities in the bathtub, Jimmie Allen gives a clean, however snoozy, reply.  Schulman, on the other hand, perhaps offers the more popular answer, but even Steve Harvey tells the contestant it’s not kosher.  As always, Jimmie Allen supplies the priceless reaction!

It’s no surprise that Jimmie needs a nap

“What do you do in the bathtub that, until now, you kept a secret?” Steve Harvey asks the friendly contenders on his game show.  In a flash, Jimmie Allen jumps to his buzzer quicker than “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” with his reply of “sleep.”  Anyone who is a parent to young children, much less a country music star with a cram-packed docket, understands the luxury of dozing off in a warm, welcoming comfort from a filled bathtub.

Despite being apropos, four answers top the one from the doting dad and performer,  Steve Harvey turns to Schulman, who offers that “urinate” is the public’s choice.  Instantaneously, the host and Jimmie Allen become incredulous.

Steve Harvey and Jimmie Allen agree that Nev gives a ‘shower move’

As soon as Jimmie Allen hears the word out of Nev Shulman’s mouth, the Country singer-songwriter shakes his head, throws up his arms, and backs away in utter disbelief.  “In the tub, man” Allen exclaims. Steve Harvey concurs, declaring “That’s a shower move.”

Schulman defends himself, insisting that he’s only “trying to think what’s on the board,” while Jimmie Allen continues to shake his head with a smile.   On the contrary, the host points out that the question specifically refers to “you” in the wording.  There’s no easy escape here for the man of fastidious Jewish heritage.  Fans will have to wait until Sunday to see if the response rates are highest with America.  In the meantime, Jimmie Allen certainly provides delightful (and more sanitary) comic relief.

Jimmie is a shower man

Along with all his other pursuits, Jimmie Allen is now a published author.  His affirming children’s book, My Voice Is a Trumpet, is widely available.  As a parent and a person who knows the future is in the hands of the next generation, Allen wants all children to have the confidence in their own voice to speak out.  The focus is not only on one person’s belief but on encouraging someone else whenever possible.

Allen talks about his book and performs a perfect impression of his baby daughter’s pout during a visit with the Sam Alex show on radio. At one point, the conversation turns from the pages and parenting to the performer’s pre-shower routine.  Jimmie Allen prefers a specific order in his bathing without the bathtub– it’s never a matter of hop in, hop out.  One thing is certain, Jimmie Allen is squeaky clean!

Fans can root for Jimmie and his family on Celebrity Family Feud this Sunday when the “survey says” response is revealed.  Country Music Alley has all the news every country music fan needs, so always check-in often, and let us hear from you in the comments!

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